Building My Dream vanity!

Building My Dream vanity!

I haven’t posted in forever but I’ve been really busy, me and my boyfriend finally got our own house back at the end of august and then we was off to Florida for 4 weeks in September so it was a mad rush to say the least, but we are all in and settled now, and of course my vanity & dressing room was one of the first rooms I completed. what girl doesn’t dream of having her own beauty room I know I did, what with sharing a room with all my sisters growing up and now having to share my bedroom with a boy was a big step and I just needed my own space with all the girly bits you know, I’m just  so glad the boyfriend understands my makeup addiction ha ha, so now less rambling and on to what you all want to read about…

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This is my vanity desk. I went with the ikea malm desk, I always loved this desk and it was what I always pictured for my beauty room, the only thing I don’t like about it is the fact the drawers don’t pull all the way out so you end up losing a little space at the back.

my vanity mirror is from they have the most amazing Hollywood style mirrors and to find a UK site is so difficult. I have always wanted one of these mirrors and I was lucky enough to get one for Christmas. best Christmas present ever!! mine is the Mirror Finish Hollywood H:650mm x W:450mm x D:60mm.

my makeup chair I made myself its the £3 basic stool from ikea and I made a fluffy cover using a sheepskin pillow case also from ikea, I then sprayed the feet with gold spray paint. . The fluffy rug is the £30 sheepskin rug from ikea, and the shelf is also  from ikea its the lack wall shelf.  (yes I love ikea)

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here is the other side of my wall, I’ve a had these shelves for years but I recently painted and sprayed them to give them a nice modern look. My nail rack I got so many years ago I cant remember the exact website but you can find something similar on ebay & Amazon etc.

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My other wall is my dressing room side, I got these hanging rails from ikea they just screw into the wall, I thought they were perfect and exactly what I was looking for, I kind of wanted that walk in wardrobe look. the drawers are also from ikea and its the malm dresser, I also purchased the glass tops separately.

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this is under my shelves, its from ikea and called the kallax box unit. I just like displaying bits in here, I’ve got my lip products, some palettes, face sprays, face masks and some other odds and sods, I got these mini canvases from a store called icing. the gold K mugs are from Anthropologie and I’m going to store some brushes or lip liners in these.

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Now im just going to show you a few of my favourite beauty organisers, this I got for Christmas but I believe its from Ebay or Amazon, it holds loads of lipsticks, lip liners, glosses etc I absolutely love it.

kasie blog2016 30

How I like to store all my makeup brushes so they are all in one place, I use these acrylic holders that I purchased in the container store when I was in America. the glass beads I found on Ebay.

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this is the get glam tray by trendmood/Zahara beauty. if you don’t follow trendmood on twitter and instagram you are really missing out, all makeup junkies need to be following her for the latest makeup updates.  she brought out this get glam tray to store all your everyday essential makeup, so its easy to access, it has just the right amount of space to store my favourites.

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this is another one of my favourite organisers its from a company called Byalegory they have the most amazing storage ideas, I have their lip pencil holder & the single and double sided compact holder, I really want to get the lip gloss holder & palette organiser next. it fits so many compacts & looks stylish too.

I will also mention what I use to hold all my beauty sponges in as so many people on instagram are always interested in this, its just an egg holder I got from Tesco but it can be found in any kitchen department, i just think its such a cool way to store and display beauty blenders.

you really have to shop around for makeup storage ebay and amazon have a good selection, TK max, bhs, and other home stores are really stepping up their game now with nice makeup organisers etc.

I always knew exactly what I wanted for my vanity, the décor, colour scheme and furniture etc, here is a few things to think about when designing and building your own vanity room.

*Know what kind of colour scheme you would like or even  just coloured accessories/accents, I find adding these type of things really make a room

*do some research on the type of furniture you would like, I picked ikea as its good value and very sturdy, plus you cant go wrong with white it goes with everything.

*shop around for makeup storage don’t be fooled in buying it on websites, I’ve made the mistake of buying some things on ebay and it arriving and not looking anything like the picture, like I said a lot of stores are now selling makeup and beauty storage.

*have some fun and get making things for your room to make it look pretty and unique, you really don’t have to be amazing at DIY and crafts.

*always put your vanity table where you get more light in the room, obviously this makes doing your makeup so much easier.

*now we all love youtubers beauty/filming rooms but lets be serious a lot of us don’t make as much money as them and cant have everything they do, but you can still make yours beautiful, take your time in building and buying things for your room, again I brought a lot of my stuff over time.

I’m just going to leave this picture here I found on Pinterest, I thought it was super  cute.

vanity checklist

 Thanks for reading


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  1. 15th November 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Erm how have I not read this post before! I might be like 10 months late but this is all sorts of goals!! Might have to steal some of your ideas! Gorgeous xx

    Amina xx |

    • xkassx
      17th November 2016 / 9:12 pm

      Aw thank you, glad you liked my post I might do an updated one soon x

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