Kylie Lip kit review and swatches

Kylie Lip kit review and swatches

Hey love’s

Today I’m going to be talking about the very popular kylie Jenner lip kits! I’m going to be sharing my experience with ordering these off the website/how long they took to arrive, plus showing you swatches and the beautiful packaging.



 so when I knew kylie was coming out with her own lip kit I knew I had to have them, I’ve been obsessed with kylie and her famous talked about lips for a while now, yes I was one of those girls who jumped on the mac whirl and soar bandwagon.

I was lucky enough to get dolce k when she first launched these in November, after having a nightmare on her website due to the amount of people on her site my order finally went through, now in my opinion I don’t  think they was prepared for how popular these were going to be and how many orders they had, it was chaos, peoples orders were getting refunded, others got charged for more than what they had ordered, that’s without the shipping , I was chasing up for about 2 weeks for my shipping email and tracking number. once I finally got my tracking info my parcel arrived about a week after so in total I waited about 3 weeks for it to arrive in the UK. Then randomly one day I had a custom charge from royal mail saying something needed paying before it could be delivered, well to my surprise it was another lip kit in dolce k! I think they had just totally messed up the shipping  on these, I know a lot of the orders from November 30th got lost so they was re sending some and I think because I had emailed chasing up my order they could have resent it.


kylie blog post 6

here is dolce k on, I absolutely love it, the formula is thick and creamy and doesn’t feel drying on the lips.

kylie blog post 10


so on to the next restock she did, this was on the 5th feb and she was launching 3 new shades for valentines day, I was lucky again and got koko k and candy k. it was much easier to order this time around the lip kits stayed in stock for a good 25/30 minutes, I had some issues at the payment section as it was taking a while to process but it finally went through, I was so happy and felt extremely lucky.


It had been about 2 days and I hadn’t received an email of my order confirmation, after what happened to people last time I was panicking a little so I emailed them and they said the order hadn’t gone through, I was fuming and told them the payment had already come out my account and I had got an order number from the payment page, they finally came back to me and apologised saying it had gone through and was processing. so I still feel like they could work on how they handle the orders and customer service. I got my shipping info on the 10th and it arrived on the 13th I was so pleased the shipping was way faster this time around.

from the first release kylie has changed the packaging and box the kits come in, also I had heard the formula had been changed which I was gutted about as I loved the first formula.

kylie blog post

so here they are, it also came with a little note written by kylie which I thought was cute, also the box looked more professional and had kylie cosmetics on it so I’m guessing she’s coming out with other makeup/beauty items

kylie blog post 7

on the left is my 2 dolce k from last time, then its candy k & koko K.

the swatch on my hand is candy, koko and dolce. koko is more of a baby nude pink, candy is more rosey/mauve on me and then dolce Is more  brown, don’t forget these look completely different on everyone depending on skin tone etc.

straight away I could tell the formula was different, it was much more runny and thinner in consistency, I tried koko on my lips and wasn’t that impressed it felt so dry and it looked really patchy and was flaking off my lips, now I’m a liquid lipstick junkie so I know that they are drying and you have to exfoliate etc but this was different to me the formula or batch felt off. I have emailed them about it and I am waiting on a response as I just don’t think its very wearable.

overall I much preferred the original formula, I also noticed the wand and applicator was different it wasn’t as long or flexible. I am still glad I got these as I think the colours are really nice. the packaging is super cute,& the lip liners are really creamy and pigmented plus the lipsticks smell like cupcakes yummy!!

kylie blog post 8

you can see the difference in the wand/applicator and also the formula here.


kylie blog post 9

natural light arm swatches

kylie blog post 11

Candy k Lip Swatch

kylie blog post 12

Koko k lip swatch

kasie blog 2016 3

 lastly this is how I like to store my lipsticks and other lip goodies 🙂

I hope this has been helpful to anyone who was wanting these lip kits or wanted to see the difference in colours.

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  1. 21st February 2016 / 11:34 am

    Wow I’m so sad that I missed out on these lippies! they are so gorgeous x

    • xkassx
      21st February 2016 / 4:48 pm

      oh no 🙁 hopefully you get them next time, she’s restocking this week apparently!x

  2. 28th June 2016 / 10:36 pm

    I am so curious to try these but I cant justify spending $30 on them. Are they really worth it?? They look gorgeous on and I like that you get the pencil with but they charge U.S. shipping $8 on top of it! that’s the most I have ever heard of….I am slowly talking myself into buying one. lol

    • xkassx
      30th June 2016 / 4:03 pm

      I think she’s changed her formula so many times, that’s what I have heard anyway I only like her original formula and I wear dolce pretty much everyday so I do love them, But haven’t purchased any recently. I was getting charged custom fees every time I ordered so it was putting me off to be honest, but I do love the lip liners so it is a good deal as you are getting both in the set. xo

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