NYX Lingerie VS Kylie Lip Kits

NYX Lingerie VS Kylie Lip Kits

I wanted to review these new NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks that have just launched in the UK, and I thought I would compare them to the kylie lip kits as they look so similar and a lot of people have said they are Dupes!



They Pretty much look identical here, the packaging and design looks so similar so I can see why everyone has been comparing these, the NYX bottles look more like Kylie’s original packaging.

So I had been waiting for these to launch in the UK for months, I had seen these on the NYX Instagram page last year and I knew we would be the last to get them but finally they have launched on www.boots.com yay!!

In the collection there is 12 shades of nudes to suit literally everyone, I’m a complete sucker for a nude so I could have got every colour but I thought I would just get 3 for now to  try out before I purchased more, as I had seen some mixed reviews on these.


Here Is the 3 shades I purchased, I got Ruffle Trim, Bedtime Flirt and Push up, They are priced at £6.50 on www.boots.com

Shades In the collection

-Baby Doll (Nude pink)

-Lace Detail (Nude pink beige)

-Satin Ribbon (Nude beige)

-Push up (Brown spice pink)

-Corset (toffee nude)

-Bedtime Flirt (Red toned pink)

-Embellishment (muted purple)

-Exotic (warm mahogany red)

-Ruffle trim (Cinnamon pink)

-Honeymoon (grey toned Beige)

-Teddy (warm rich brown)

-Beauty mark (Chocolate brown)

Like i said they have a nude shade to suit everyone.

kylie lip kit 5

As they were released In the US first I did a little research before hand of swatches etc. so I knew which shades I wanted to try first, I went with these 3 and they are very similar and  look pretty much identical in the bottle but they do have different undertones so look completely different when on the lips.

Push up is just slightly lighter out of the 3 and is that perfect light nude pink shade, Bedtime flirt is my favourite and I can see this being a favourite for a lot of people, It’s my perfect rosey/ mauve nude, and lastly ruffle trim is on the warmer side of these 3 and has a slight red/brown undertone.

kylie lip kits 6.jpg

I swatched them next to the kylie lip kits, as you can see they look identical in the bottles but not swatched on the skin, I got really excited when I first opened the NYX ones as they did remind me of the original formula of kylies, that really creamy mousse texture, But I’ve got to be honest I had to do two layers of the NYX on my arm as they were really patchy, and that was one of the reason why I wanted to get a couple to try out first as a few people had said they were quite patchy.

When I first tried them out on the lips they felt a little sticky and didn’t dry completely matte, this was also another thing I had heard from a few people, which I didn’t mind at first as sometimes I hate how dry liquid lipsticks can be, plus I love the formula/ texture of the NYX liquid suede lipsticks.

After a while though I felt like they were just a little bit tacky still on the lips and didn’t like the way it felt, I then tried wearing a lip liner Underneath but all over the lips and it felt so much better as it didn’t feel as sticky and also doesn’t transfer as much, plus It lasted a lot longer on my lips throughout the day.

The more I have been wearing these the more I do like them, they are the perfect every day liquid lipstick to wear, not to drying on the lips and for the price I would say It is worth getting these, I mean they aren’t as long lasting as the kylie lip kits but then for a drug store liquid lipstick at £6.50 I shouldn’t expect them to be as long lasting as Kylie’s at $29, that term you get what you pay for is very true here. Even though I was excited about the creamy thick texture I do wish they wasn’t so patchy and a little more pigmented but the good thing Is you can layer these on the lips without them looking horrible and noticeable.

They are completely different to Kylie’s, her formula is thinner and more watery, But I find Kylie’s very long lasting , they literally Last all day on my lips even with eating through out the day, also because the consistancy is so thin it feels like you are wearing nothing on the lips, I will leave it at that as I have done a previous post on Kylie’s lip kits and I wanted to focus more on the NYX collection today.

Like I said bedtime flirt is my favourite out of the ones I got and does remind me of candy k when its on the lips even though it swatches differently on the skin. I’m definitely going to purchase a couple more, maybe honeymoon and exotic.


Here is just a quick picture I took when I was wearing bedtime flirt.

 My review on these overall is that If you are just starting out buying liquid lipsticks or after more affordable ones then kylies and other brands then I would really recommend the NYX, for the price and shade selection alone but if you are used to wearing, Jeffree Star, Dose of colors, Kat Von D liquid lipsticks for example then don’t expect these to be as long lasting In my opinion, but don’t forget everyone is different and some might have a totally different experience with these lipsticks.

As always Thanks for reading




  1. 23rd March 2016 / 4:52 pm

    Awesome! I have been looking for something like the Kylie lipsticks, because I haven’t decided if I want to buy hers yet. Thanks!

    • xkassx
      29th March 2016 / 7:35 pm

      thank you 🙂 they gave such a good shade selection, I’m definitely going to pick up some more

  2. 18th April 2016 / 3:09 pm

    Great review! I´m planning on getting the NYX ones, I love nude lips <3

  3. Sara
    15th July 2016 / 11:35 pm

    Hey I just purchased the NYX lingerie lipstick in Ruffle Trim and I’m considering buying Candy K, however I’m scared they might be very similar. Do you think they’re different enough to own both or should I just keep my Ruffle Trim?

    • xkassx
      17th July 2016 / 8:07 pm

      To be honest I much prefer kylie’s formula over the NYX lingerie ones, and candy k is definitely more pinky mauve than ruffle trim 🙂 xo

  4. Tatianna
    13th November 2017 / 7:31 pm

    I just have to say that I loved your review! What lip liners do you recommend when wearing the 3 NYX lipsticks? I was unsure as to which lipsticks to buy from NYX and these 3 look good to start off, but I am not a fan of sticky lipsticks.

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