New Garnier Micellar water

New Garnier Micellar water

So at the weekend I was out shopping and I came across these New Garnier micellar waters, I have only ever seen the original pink one so I was intrigued to see what these other ones were.


here is what each one is recommended for…

Pink-original micellar water suitable for sensitive skin

green- which was recommended for combination sensitive skin, but I didn’t like the look of that one as it said Mattifies which Is a no no for me.

Blue- recommended for combination-oily sensitive skin, now I picked this one up although I don’t have oily skin I do suffer with a few break outs every now and then so I really wanted to try this out for the fact it claimed to cleanse and purify the skin.

yellow- recommended for dry sensitive skin, obviously I was sold on this one straight away, claims to cleanse and nourish the skin, also because its infused with oil this is good for removing waterproof makeup and liquid lipsticks.

All of these are priced at £4.99 400ml apart from the yellow one which is £5.99 currently have an offer on these 2 for £7



Im Going to use them for a couple of weeks and see how I get on with them, then I will update you guys on my review!!



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