My Colourpop Order, Review & Swatches

My Colourpop Order, Review & Swatches

Hi I’m back again,

with a post a few of you have probably been waiting for, Part 1 is here about how I ordered Colourpop to the UK if you want a read or catch up, todays post is what I ordered, my review and swatches.

If you don’t know what Colourpop is it’s an American brand that is so affordable most of the products are about $5-8 which is a bargain! Only issue is colourpop don’t ship to the UK so a lot of us are either ordering from Ebay and other places which charge more, or forwarding companies which is very popular at the moment. obviously if you read my previous post you know who I used and my overall thoughts on this. I have heard that Colourpop are planning to ship soon to the UK but to be honest I’m not getting my hopes up as this has been said for over a year.


My order arrived in this lovely box, which I though was pretty, I straight away checked my order was all there and if it was in one piece, I did Have a couple of issues which was a shame, one of my shadows was broken, I know this can’t be helped, I mean it has come all the way from LA, we know how rough these delivery guys are don’t we? so I just though I would have to make do, the other issue was one of my highlighters looked like it had completely shrunk which was so odd, I have actually emailed Colourpop about this ( it has nothing to do with MMB the forwarding company I used) as it seems more like a fault with the product. We shall see what they say but again think I will just have to make do as it’s not like they can send me another one.


I had only previously tried the liquid lipsticks from CP as I had ordered a couple off Ebay, not something I enjoyed doing as they charge more for them But I was itching to try them. So in this order I made I wanted to order more eyeshadows, Highlighters, lippie pencils, and their new brow pencils etc. I’m kind of regretting not ordering the lippie stix and ultra stain lipsticks but I’m definitely going to make another order soon.



So this is everything I ordered,  I wanted a mixture of bits to try. Isn’t the packaging just so cute and sleek? I really love it and love the hologram logo design on it all as well.


First up we have the eyeshadows, It was quite difficult deciding what eyeshadows to order as they have so many its hard to know the true shade colour online, So I had gone online and tried to find swatches to help me decide, I narrowed it down to a few, I could have gone mad to be honest, but I stuck to my favourite type of shades, which are bronze, gold and rose gold tones.

super shock shadows $5

shades I ordered

  • Un– champagne with silver glitter metallic finish
  • Deux – warm toned satin finish
  • Lala– true rose gold metallic finish
  • Get lucky– true liquid gold metallic finish
  • sunset blvd–  warm golden bronze pearlized finished



colourpop swatches


L-R Un, Deux, Lala, Sunset blvd, get lucky

I haven’t got any eyeshadows quite like this, as soon as I swiped them with my finger they felt so soft and creamy but so pigmented  at the same time, the formula is completely different to anything I own, for the price I think they are amazing and I’m definitely ordering more, think I might try some mattes next time and a few more metallic shades. I actually can’t pick a favourite as I love them all.


Highlighters $8

shades I ordered

  • Lunch money– light white gold with reflective golden duo chrome finish
  • wisp– golden champagne with reflective hues of gold, duo chrome finish (this looks very similar to becca opal)
  • The golden child–  coppery rose gold in pearlized finish (this is the broken one)
  • Electric slide–  true gold in a pearlized finished this is meant to be a dupe for the higher end gold highlighters like mac oh darling, ABH so Hollywood etc


L-R electric slide, lunch Money, wisp


The golden child, which is the one that’s shrunk, So odd and its such a lovely shade so I’m gutted about this.



L-R Lunch money, wisp, electric slide, golden child


L-R golden child, electric slide, wisp, lunch money


I picked up a couple of the new brow pencils, for the price I thought they were worth a shot and have actually heard good things about them,  I’m actually impressed with these they are really soft and the pencil is thin which I like in a brow pencil, I haven’t properly tried these on my brows yet but I think I’m going to like these.

Brow pencils $5

Shades I picked

  • Banging brunette
  • dope Taupe



Top, Dope taupe, bottom, Banging brunette


And lastly I got a few ultra matte liquid lipsticks and lippie pencils, like I said I already had tried a few ultra mattes I do like them but they aren’t the best formula if I’m being honest, they are ok for the price but I do find them very drying and a little patchy, everyone raves about them so I did want to order a couple more shades to try but found these just as drying so don’t think the formula has changed recently like I had hoped.

Ultra mattes $6 

  • Chi
  • trap
  • beeper

Lippie pencil $5

  • Tootsi
  • chi



L-R trap, chi, beeper, Chi & tootsi lippie pencil

I’m really gutted these mattes don’t work for me as I love the shades, I do love my brown tone nudes, The lippie pencils are really nice and creamy they are similar to kylie cosmetics lip liners, So on my next order I think I’m going to pick up more of these and also get some lippe stix as well to try.

So that is everything I ordered, I can’t wait to use all these goodies and I’m already writing a list of bits I want to order next, I definitely think these products are good value and see why everyone is obsessed with Colourpop.

I hope you have found both posts helpful and might decide to make an order yourself, I was really worried about using a forwarding service but it was so easy.

Let me know below if you have tried anything from Colourpop, I’d love some recommendations on what to order next.

Thanks for reading loves




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  1. 19th September 2016 / 5:14 pm

    I’ve just received my Colourpop orders and have been loving mostly everything! The eyeshadows are my favorite so far but they do need a bit of primer to stay creaseless all day. I’m loving DGAF, Wattles, Cheeky and Tea Party! I wanted to get Lala but I already have Sequin and Weenie, which looked very similar when swatched. The Ultra Matte Lips are nice but they dry so much darker on my lips and on my arm! Not sure if that’s something to do with my pH or whatever but I’ve never heard that mentioned in any other review.

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