The Bodyshop Honey bronze Collection

The Bodyshop Honey bronze Collection

Recently I went shopping and went a little mad, but I actually hadn’t been out shopping in so long, and there was so many things I wanted to look at and buy.

My first stop was the body shop, they’re bringing out so many good makeup and skin care items at the moment, I’ve always been a lover of body shop but I feel like they’re really stepping up their game lately, from the foundation adjusting drops to the new Instaglow cc creams which I am dying to try, but I actually couldn’t afford to get everything I wanted as I only went in to specifically look at the new drops of sun, I had seen pictures going around on Instagram and was intrigued, I went in to have a nose and got talking to the lovely sales girl who was showing me the new gift sets one being the honey bronze set which had the drops of sun in!

I always love body shop gift sets as they are such good value for money, this honey bronze set was only £20 but had £35 worth of products in so without further ado I will show you what I purchased.

body shop9 body shop10 body shop5

This is the set which includes

  • Honey bronzed highlighter dome
  • Tinted Leg mist
  • Drops of sun

like I said I wanted the drops of sun but I’m quite excited to try these other goodies as well, They had 3 shades in the highlighter dome, bronze, gold and coral, I did want gold but they were sold out, but the shade I got is a lovely shade to use for bronzing and contouring so I can make it work.

The drops of sun were £12 alone so I thought this set was really good value. So what are they you might ask? the idea is to basically add these drops to your favourite moisturiser or foundation and it gives your face a healthy bronzed glow, kind of like a holiday in a bottle, whether it be to top up your current tan or if you are fake tanning and just want to add these to your face rather than use a self tanner all over your face, I think these are a really good idea as sometimes I don’t like using self tan on my face. Good thing about this is It’s matte and has no shimmer so It’s perfect for the face. what I also love is it doesn’t make you look muddy or orange like self tan can, it just makes you look really natural with a healthy glow to the face.

I have been using these over the last few days as I’ve been self tanning and I’ve got to say I’m obsessed with them, this is going to be one of my staple beauty items this summer I can tell already!

body shop11 body shop12

It has a dropper so it’s really easy to add to creams, liquids etc


Next in the set is the leg mist spray individually priced at £15, I actually will probably use this on my collar bones and arms as it sounds so good, again its matte with no shimmer, It gives an instant even sun-kissed glow that’s transfer proof, but also leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moisturised

And then lastly is the Highlighter dome, £8 is a shimmer highlighter, creamy lightweight texture and easy to blend, I actually tried this on my hand and thought it had more of a cream to powder texture and even the sales lady agreed, it’s really nice and although I would have liked the gold one to use more as a highlighter as this shade is to dark for me, I will use this more as a bronzer or even to contour with in the summer months when I want more of a glowy/shimmery look.

body shop2

body shop6


body shop14

L-R drops of sun, highlighter dome, leg mist (bottom pic blended)

body shop15


I’m really happy with my purchase and although we haven’t had much sun in the UK at the moment I know I’m going to love using these for summer, if you can’t get a real tan why not fake it right?

you can find any of these products mentioned here

If you have tried any of this range or even the new Instaglow creams let me know below as I’m dying to try those.

Thanks for reading loves






    • xkassx
      4th July 2016 / 11:19 pm

      I’m in love with the drops of sun, I think they are such a good idea, and so much easier then applying fake tan to the face. I always look at the gift sets when I go in, love a bargain haha xo

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