NYX Cosmetics Haul

NYX Cosmetics Haul

I’m sure a lot of you are aware that NYX is becoming more available in the UK as now they stock with a few leading websites including boots.com, and have started opening stores and stands in boots as well, I went shopping on Saturday and got so excited when I spotted  a NYX counter in boots I was literally like a kid in a candy shop, it has 2 double-sided stands and they had so much selection more than what they have online, I was really surprised, obviously it was rammed as everyone loves a bit of NYX, so I had to fight my way in. I knew a couple of bits I wanted to look at thanks to Sarah at ohitssare she was raving about the NYX pro eye brushes so I really wanted to check these out.

I have a lot of NYX products and I’m a huge lover of this brand, I just wanted to have a little browse and check out the full range and also a couple of the new shades of the popular soft matte lip creams, but the shades I wanted were empty which was a shame, it just gives me an excuse to go back.

But these were the goodies I picked up



Mosaic Blush

nyxhaul3 nyxhaul10

Top truth Bottom Peachy

To be honest I didn’t need these, I have so many blushes but I just really liked the Idea of these and the shades were my type of colours.


Strobe of Genius palette



Top Row


Bottom 3 (which are my favourite)

You Probably all know by now how much I love my highlighters, and I had seen this around on Instagram etc so I had to pick this up, it has some really nice shades in and also good for mixing shades together.


Pro Eye brushes


L-R  15 smudge, 16 blending, 17 crease

I used the crease brush this morning and I’m obsessed with it already, I have a few eye brushes but haven’t got an actual favourite but I think that’s about to change, I bet I will end up getting a back up of this. For £8.50 I think these brushes are really good quality.

HD eyeshadow primer



I really wanted to pick up an eyeshadow primer as can you believe it I don’t actually own any, it’s crazy right? and I wear eyeshadow everyday! I normally just apply loose setting powder before I apply my eyeshadows but I wanted to actually try one and see if they make a difference.


Colour correcting primer


I suffer with some redness and spot scaring so I really wanted to give this a try as I already use green concealers. Colour correcting is very popular at the moment with every brand bringing out primers, concealers and also palettes but this is as far as I would go I don’t really need any others luckily.


So that was all I picked up but I’m sure I will be visiting boots a lot more now and I’m so happy it’s easier to purchase NYX in the UK.

If you want to know if your local store stocks NYX you can check here

Have you picked anything up recently ? or have any products you’re loving? let me know below.


Thanks for reading





  1. 7th July 2016 / 1:49 pm

    Those eye brushes look great – I didn’t even know that Nyx did brushes, so definitely want to try those! 🙂 xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    • xkassx
      7th July 2016 / 5:01 pm

      They are amazing, I knew NYX did brushes but they are apart of the pro range so only big stores and places like America sold them before but now Boots have the full selection in the UK yay! might have to try some of the face brushes next 🙂 xo

  2. Jen
    7th July 2016 / 10:04 pm

    ah i suffer with red skin too! the green primer looks great!!

    Jen / Velvet Spring x

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