Fuller Lips with My perfect pout!

Fuller Lips with My perfect pout!

Hi All,

So as everyone probably already knows Big lips are still a thing and I don’t think it will be going anywhere any time soon that’s for sure, if anything it’s becoming more popular. If you aren’t aware of the big lip craze id say it all started with Kylie Jenner, the whole world was talking about the younger Kardashian  sister and her fuller lips, people were going so mad over it that there was even a Kylie lip challenge that was so dangerous, luckily I didn’t go that far but I did buy all the MAC lip liners that she supposedly used, Please don’t judge ha ha.

If you don’t want to try anything dangerous and permanent like lip fillers then this little tool is the perfect solution. Its called Perfect pout and It’s one of the easiest, cheapest and safest ways to get fuller lips. Keep on reading if you want to see my review…..

I have been wanting lip fullers for a while now, I love my lipsticks and lip products but I’ve always had insecurities over my lips, I follow so many people who have had their lips done and they look so amazing, and every lip product they wear looks so nice on them, but I’m just to much of wimp to get it done, plus I have the worst luck and knowing my luck it would definitely go wrong if I got it done, So I’m Happy using The my perfect pout to get quick fuller lips for the time being.


This isn’t permanent and wont give you full lips for days, weeks or months, I find it lasts a good few hours before my lips start to go back to normal, so this might not be for everyone looking for permanent results but for some this will be a life saver if like me you want just quick results without the worry of botched lips.


my perfect pout

It comes In 3 different sizes depending on your lip shape, I’ve got the shape wide.


my perfect pout2


my perfect pout3

my perfect pout4

These are the instructions, If you follow me on snapchat you will know I had a nightmare trying this out to begin with, I hope I gave some of you a laugh, It was the first time I had used it, but the problem I had at first was that my lips just wasnt fitting and also wasn’t sticking, it just kept falling off no matter how hard I sucked and pouted.  But I did play around with it more and I finally managed to make it work. Like anything practise makes perfect right?

I’m not sure if I needed a different shape to be honest, but I actually didn’t apply the lip balm/salve as it just made my lips so slippery and it just wasn’t gripping at all, that was the main problem I had.

Once I tried it without the lip balm it was much easier and I actually had suction, I left it on for about 20-30 seconds, I found that it worked better on my bottom lip then my top lip but I think that could be down to the size like I said I think I might have needed a different size, I have to go back and use it on my top lip again to make that more fuller but I’m finding it’s easier to do one lip at a time now.  This is just my experience anyway a lot of people have been loving this, and the results are really good, so I definitely suggest getting the right size for your lips, that will make a huge difference in the results you want.


Overall I’m really liking this, like I said before, it’s safe so it doesn’t hurt at all, it doesn’t bruise or cause permanent swelling. It’s just quick and easy and I’ve been using this every morning when I get ready.




These are sold In selected Debenhams stores at Archangelz counters

But you Can also find My perfect pout on twitter and Instagram give them a follow!!!

Have you tried out this new craze ?! Let me know below.

As always thanks for reading.




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