BH cosmetics brushes

BH cosmetics brushes

Hi Loves,

If you follow me on snapchat you will know About a month or so ago I picked up these 2 sets of brushes from Tkmaxx, they had the BH cosmetics face & eye set for a really good price and straight away they reminded me of sigma brushes so I couldn’t resist, I had to pick these up.

My friend Annie had found these a few months before and was raving about them so I Had to get them when I spotted them, I already have far to many makeup brushes but for the price I thought they were worth a try. I own a lot more face brushes than eye brushes so I was excited when I saw the eye set.


10 piece face set £14.99

bh cosmetics7

bh cosmetics9

bh cosmetics12 bh cosmetics14

The brushes look identical to sigma in my opinion although the hairs don’t feel the same,  I feel like sigma brushes are a lot more dense and thicker. But these BH cosmetic ones are still really nice, they’re duo fibre with synthetic hairs so they’re really soft. This set has such a good selection, it has everything you need for sculpting, contouring and blending. I also love the design with the black and gold it makes them look more expensive than they actually are.

The 113, 115, 16 are my personal favourites and the ones I’ve used the most. The 116 brush actually resembles the sigma f80 brush that happens to be one of my all time favourite foundation brushes. It has the same flat design and shape but I find it isn’t as dense as the sigma.

7 piece eye set £9.99

bh cosmetics4

bh cosmetics10 bh cosmetics6

This set comes with your basic eye brushes, I didn’t actually own a lot  eye brushes so this is the set I probably needed the most, although I did recently pick up those NYX eye brushes that I’m loving.

These are a mix of synthetic and also natural hair, I have tried most of these out and my favourite is the 101, 103, 104 and 105. The 101 blending brush is a little scratchy compared to my other eye brushes, but this is a really good set if you want the essentials and are just starting out with makeup or want an affordable set that’s good quality.

I am a bit of a makeup brush junkie and I own a lot of face brushes and I obviously do have my favourites that I use daily but these sets do have some good brushes, I’m Going to continue to use them and see how they compare to other brands I own, but if you do come across these in Tk maxx I would definitely pick some up to try out, like I said they’re affordable and BH cosmetics is actually a pretty good brand and has really good quality products.

I also think these will be easy to clean and quick drying which is a bonus, cleaning makeup brushes can be such an effort sometimes although it has to be done.


I actually came across a different set of BH cosmetics brushes recently, the face essential brushes that contain 7 different brushes to the ones mentioned in this post and I brought them to include in my giveaway I will be having when I reach 1k followers on Twitter so if you want to win yourself these and some other great goodies then come follow me!! – @ KasieBeauty


Have you tried any of these brushes or seen these in your local Tkmaxx let me know below.?

Thanks for reading xo



  1. 22nd July 2016 / 11:07 am

    So glad you picked these up! I love love love mine and use them everyday 🙂

    • xkassx
      24th July 2016 / 8:10 pm

      I know thanks to you! lol I need to start using different brushes, I just use the same ones each day and you know I have a lot lol xo

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