BECCA Jaclyn Hill Collection Part 2

BECCA Jaclyn Hill Collection Part 2

Is it really Monday again? where did this weekend go……The same sentence we all say every Monday haha


But Yep it’s another BECCA cosmetics post today. I feel like I talk about BECCA cosmetics a lot on my blog, I can’t help it, it just so happens to be my favourite brand at the moment and I’m Currently loving everything they bring out.

So If you read my other post about the BECCA & Jaclyn Hill collection you will know I already own the face Palette and eye shadow palette you can read all about that here.

Well this post is round 2 as Becca and Jaclyn had another surprise for us when they announced a few more gorgeous limited edition products, you know I’m a sucker for limited edition so I had to pick up a few products from this new collection.

In this second collaboration they have the limited edition splits, The limited edition Angled highlighting brush, and the new skin perfector slimlight wands (pens) in the shades Pearl, Champagne pop and topaz.

new becca8

My complete BeccaxJaclyn collection


new becca11

If you didn’t pick up the face palette then these new split pans are perfect, they have 2 blushes from the face palette which are Pamplemousse, and Amaretto and also the famous Jaclyn highlighters in champagne pop and prosecco pop. And also 2 of beccas standard popular blushes In flower child and Hyacinth.

champagne splits $38 from Sephora The duos come as:

Pamplemousse/Prosecco pop

Amaretto/ Prosecco Pop

Flower child/ Champagne pop

Hyacinth/ Champagne pop


I got the amaretto split pan as I love this blush in the face palette I’ve been using it everyday since I got it so this is actually my back up, If I’m honest I haven’t been wearing Prosecco pop much as I find it a little yellow for my skin tone, When I heard about prosecco pop being a true liquid gold highlighter I was so excited as I love my gold shades But it is just a little bit yellow for me, I actually mix it with other highlighters and also champagne pop and its much more wearable for me that way.

new becca7

I’m actually Surprised I love this blush shade so much as it’s not my typical shade, I normally like the more peach and mauve shades but this is so stunning and will compliment all different skin tones. Becca describes this as a toasted almond shade, I agree it is definitely more on the warmer side.

At first for $38 I thought these were a little pricey considering the whole face palette was $52 But I really wanted a back up of Amaretto and it does come In this stunning limited edition Silver & gold packaging, so I couldn’t resist. I think the packaging for this whole collection has been on point, it’s so classy and looks really luxurious. I have kept all my boxes just for the fact they’re gold and go with my vanity.

Next up we have the Champagne collection Angled Highlighting brush $28

new becca10 new becca3

Again I did think this was a little expensive and I wasn’t originally going to get it but again I got sucked In to the packaging and the fact it’s limited edition, Plus you can never have enough makeup brushes right?!

Although this brush claims to be a highlighter brush It can be used for all different things, particularly for powder products like blush, contour and highlighter, So I’m sure I will get a lot of use out of this. It’s really soft and Is the perfect shape to use for blush, contouring etc


lastly are these New shimmering skin perfector Slimlights $28

I like to call them slimlight pens as let’s be honest they are basically highlighter pens, these come In 3 shades, pearl, champagne pop and topaz.

new becca9 new becca4

new becca12

I really wanted to get all 3 of these but I couldn’t afford to get them all this time but luckily for me these are permanent In the Becca collection so no rush, I got pearl as I use this for my brow bone and inner eye highlight, this shade is also perfect for pale skinned beauties. Champagne pop I had to get Obviously as it’s a stunning highlight shade, and topaz I will eventually get to use as an eyeshadow as It would be to dark for me as a highlighter.

I just think these are perfect for on the go, quick and easy to apply and great for travel so you don’t have to take a full size highlighter and brush.

As my skin is on the dry side I prefer using liquid or cream highlighters first then going over with a powder to intensify my highlight, I hate just using all powder as I can look a little cakey.

I’ve been using these This past week and I really love the texture Like I said they are so easy to use, I’ve actually just been using my finger to apply and blend, so these really are perfect for on the go.

I purchased these directly from Sephora like I did with the face palette, I just can’t be doing with pre ordering and waiting longer for us to get them in the UK, also it’s so confusing what UK website is stocking this whole collection, Space NK had the face palettes and had the split pans on pre-order which sold out before anyone actually knew about them being online, but Cult beauty are currently stocking the slimlights and the brush and have also said they will have more of this collection by august.

So I’m really sorry I can’t be more helpful, every time I have asked I don’t really get a straight answer, but I would suggest to keep checking out social media and the websites if you want anything from this collection but sephora do currently have these all in stock still.

I’m kind of glad this is the last of the collection, I just can’t keep up with it or afford to keep up shall I say ha ha, I now can hopefully enjoy my products without being tempted by something else, I know some people might not understand that but I am a massive makeup hoarder and collector especially for limited edition and pretty packaging.  Like I said before Becca is my current fave brand, I’ve literally been using the back light primer, aqua foundation and these face and eye palettes for months now, I just love the natural and iconic glow as Becca likes to say that these products give.

Let me know if you have picked any of this collection up or plan to? and leave a comment if you have any questions.

as always thanks for reading xo




*Cult beauty

*space NK





    • xkassx
      26th July 2016 / 10:12 am

      They really are gorgeous, if I had the money I would have got flower child as well. Xo

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