My Favourite Lip Liners

My Favourite Lip Liners


Todays post is all about My favourite lip Liners, it was supposed to be my top 5, and a continuation to my top 5 series but I couldn’t pick just 5 and although all of these look similar they look completely different on the lips! And yes they are all nudes, whoops but you can’t have enough nude shades right?! A lot of these shades are dupes for higher end lip liners so keep on reading if you want to see my favourites!!

lip lines new

lip lines new2

So I have a bit of a mixed bunch here, most of these are really affordable.

NYX Nude Beigebrown toned beige

NYX Mauverose toned mauve

MAC whirl dirty rose mauve

Barry M toast number  16warm brown beige

Jordana cosmetics Rock n Rose brown toned mauve

Colourpop Chicool toned brown beige

Kylie Dolce K –  brown toned beige


MAC Whirl £13

I couldn’t have a favourites post without mentioning MAC, I think everyone loves MAC lip pencils, they’re a cult favourite as they have so many shades, I have a lot of Mac lip pencils and to be honest I don’t reach for them anymore apart from whirl that is which has and always will be my favourite shade, it’s the perfect mauve type nude one of those your lips but better shades. These Mac lip liners retail for £13 so they aren’t exactly cheap. I can’t even remember the last time I purchased a Mac lip liner I think there is so many cheaper brands that sell good dupes and if not better.  But the fact this was my ride or die lip liner all last year when the Kylie lip colour craze was going on I couldn’t not include it in this post.


NYX nude beige & mauve $3.50

NYX lip liners are seriously amazing I have about 5 different shades in these and if you want a dupe for Mac then these are the ones you need, they’re the exact same formula and the shades are pretty similar as well. They’re creamy and pigmented and aren’t dry at all, which is what I look for in a good lip liner. I got mine in America they were only $3.50 such a bargain, but I’m sure now that boots have lots of NYX counters it won’t be long till these are available in the UK, I don’t remember seeing them in my local boots only the retractable liners but if you do see these online I would definitely purchase some to try, you won’t be disappointed. My faves out the bunch I’ve got are nude beige and mauve, mauve is so similar to Mac whirl so if you’re looking for a dupe that’s a real close one. And nude beige is just a lovely browny beige colour that goes with so many lipsticks and liquid lipsticks.

Barry M Toastv£2.99 

Barry m cosmetics number 16 (toast) is supposed to be a dupe for MAC stripdown, I don’t own stripdown so I can’t compare but I would definitely say it’s a brown toned beige and that’s how Mac describes stripdown, and for £2.99 these Barry M pencils are really nice, again creamy and nice to apply, I’ve also got the shade 17 blush which is also really Similar to MAC whirl. I feel like whirl is the easiest shade to dupe. But I would definitely recommend picking some of these up to try I’ve been wearing this one daily at the moment with NYX London soft matte lip cream and I love it.

Jordana Rock n rose $2.49

Jordanian lip liner in Rock n rose, again I picked  these up in America I picked up a few shades but rock n rose is my favourite, it’s a cheap drugstore brand and loads of people rave about this brand especially the lip liners, for $2.49 these are an absolute bargain, I’m sure you can find these on eBay or Amazon, I’m really sorry I can’t be more help I know I shouldn’t Include this one as it’s not easily available in the U.K. But it’s such a nice lip pencil and one I use a lot so I couldn’t not mention it. It’s a retractable liner so can’t be sharpened etc but again it’s really soft and creamy, all of the ones mentioned in this post are creamy as I hate dry and patchy Lip pencils.

Colourpop Lippie pencil $5

Colourpop Chi lippie pencil, These are fairly new in my collection although I’ve had the Kylie ones for some time and they are the exact same in my opinion, shame design and formula so when I recently ordered from Colourpop I ordered a couple of lippie pencil to try out and I love them, My favourite is chi it’s a darker brown beige shade. It’s so creamy and just glides on the lips, you can wear these alone as it’s so pigmented, I’m definitely going to be picking more of these up in the future. Don’t forget Colourpop ship to the uk now although shipping is expensive I used a shipping company  last time I ordered that you can read all about here.

Kylie dolce k $14-29

Lastly is the Kylie lip liners that comes with the Kylie lip kits, $29 although she has now started selling the liners separately although for $14 I still think is a little expensive for just the liner when Colourpop is basically the same, but dolce k is my favourite at the moment I wear it non stop and I just love it. I mostly wear it with the matching dolce k liquid lipstick. The only thing I don’t like about these type of lip liners is that they run out really quickly, although it doesn’t look like you can sharpen these you can and I have to sharpen mine a lot as they are thick and creamy it gets blunt pretty quickly. But apart from that I love these and I’m seeing more brands bring out this type of pencil with the same design, packaging and the formula, I think even huda beauty lip contours are the same.


lip lines new3

new lines5x2

As you can see they are all pretty similar, just a few have different undertones, some are more warm toned. Although these look identical swatched they look different on the lips and once paired with lipstick etc.

I hope this post has been helpful, and hopefully I have helped you  find some dupes for your favourite lip pencils.

As always thanks for reading xo



    • xkassx
      29th July 2016 / 6:12 pm

      Thank you lovely, lip products are my weakness ha ha! I think whirl will always be a favourite with me hehe xo

  1. 31st July 2016 / 10:03 am

    I’m obsessing over these shades at the minute too! been dying to get my hands on whirl but those nyx ones look like a great alternative! fab post x

    Liv //

    • xkassx
      31st July 2016 / 4:41 pm

      Thank you 🙂 and These shades will always be my favourite ha ha, Whirl is the easiest to dupe in my opinion, the NYX ones are really good, also the Barry M blush shade is really similar to MAC whirl too. xo

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