July Favourites

July Favourites

It’s that time again, My Monthly Favourites, I seriously can’t believe how quick this year is going, It will be Christmas next!! I Love summer so the fact It’s already Now August is crazy, Summer will soon be over so I’m trying to hold on to dewy, tan, and glowy skin for as long as possible.

july faves

I have a bit of a mixed bunch of products this month to talk about.

NYX 15 Pro smudge brush

NYX 16 Pro blending brush

NYX 17 pro Crease brush

BECCA one perfecting brush

B – Fan brush

NYX strobe on genius palette

NYX HD eye base

Body Shop drop of sun

Benefit Goof proof, Gimme brow and ready set brow

NYX soft matte lip cream in London

Sudocreme skin care cream 

july faves new

A few brushes I’ve been loving this month, The NYX Pro brushes are amazing, I mentioned these in my NYX haul here, and ive been using these non stop, I’m definitely thinking of getting some back ups of these, I’ve never loved eye brushes as much as these so thank you Sarah from ohitssare, if I hadn’t haven’t read her post on these I would never have even looked at them, they are the perfect eye brushes, and literally the only 3 I use and need. They’re so soft and aren’t scratchy, and blend shadow really easily, I would really recommend picking some up and trying these out.

Next is the Becca one perfecting brush, I actually got sent this one by becca but I had my eye on this for some time and I nearly picked it up when I was in America, So I was really excited when I received this. It’s a brush that can be used for liquid, cream and powders so really handy and saves you having loads of different brushes, as you can see It’s an odd shape and looks more like a contour brush, but I actually really like using this for foundation, highlighter and sculpting the face. Its made from goat hair so is really soft and gives a really nice airbrushed finish when applying foundations.

Lastly is the B. Fan brush that I picked up from superdrug, I was desperate for a fan brush as I actually didn’t own one, I know shock horror, I came across this shopping one day so I picked it up and I’ve been using it ever since, it really is a must have for applying powder highlighter. I’ve noticed such a difference with my highlighter and it applies so much easier now.

july faves9

NYX strobe of genius highlighter palette, I picked this up from boots a while ago and I’ve been using it a lot this month. The bottom 3 shades are my favourites and the ones I’ve been wearing more, the formula of these highlighters are really nice, not chunky or anything, I always use fix + and spray my brush beforehand as I love an intense looking highlight, plus As I’m dry I don’t like applying loads of powder. This palette has a good selection and is really affordable for drugstore.

july favesnew5

I also mentioned this in my NYX haul. I’ve  been loving this and I’ve  also mentioned this on snap chat. I never used to wear any eye primers but I’ve noticed such a difference since I’ve started using this, my shadow lasts all day, I’m so impressed.  I was noticing by the end of the day my lids would get really oil and most of my shadow Would come off so I needed to invest  in an eyeshadow primer and if like me you don’t know where to start I would really recommend trying this one first, it’s cheap And actually works!

july faves6

Body shop drops of sun, I mentioned this In a pervious post and I’ve also been raving about these on snapchat as well but I really am loving these, I add them into my face creams and also my foundation, these are perfect for when I’m fake tanning. Just adding them into my foundation helps to match the rest of my body. It really does give you a nice tan and glow, they don’t make you look orange either which is a bonus. This has been my must have product this summer.

july faves7

I’ve  also done a whole post on the benefit brow collection that you can read here but I’ve been wearing the goof proof, gimme brow and this ready set brow non stop for months now. I’m loving this whole new range, this ready set brow is a clear brow gel that sets the brows like cement which is what I like ha ha. My brows really don’t budge all day!

july faves new4

NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade London, I’ve actually had this for some time but I’ve been wearing this for weeks with all different lip liners, I actually have started using it more as I saw pictures of it being a dupe for Kylie’s exposed liquid lipstick, so I dug it out and have been wearing it lots. Plus I forgot how much I love these NYX matte lip creams, the formula is really nice and not drying at all, plus these come in so many shades. This is the perfect warm orangey toned nude.

And lastly I want to mention is the Sudocreme Skin care cream I’ve been using, I mentioned about Sudocreme in my spot and blemishes post, I literally use it for everything and I was actually sent this little one to try, it’s more of a face cream which is perfect for problem skin that suffer with spots, irritated or flakey skin, again this can be used for anything and I have been using this every night before I go to bed and I’ve really noticed a difference with my skin lately.

So that is pretty much it for my July favourites, I will soon be back for my August favourites at this rate! But least now I can start getting excited for my birthday this month yay!!

let me know what products you have been loving this month.

Thanks for reading xo


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