My Current Favourite liquid lipsticks

My Current Favourite liquid lipsticks


I wanted to share with you my favourite brown tone nude liquid lipsticks. My current obsession is buying liquid lipsticks and they’re actually all I wear now, gone are the days I used to buy normal lipsticks.

I prefer to wear more brown toned shades rather than pink nudes, So I wanted to show you a couple of my current favourites.

liquid lipstick4


liquid lipsticks6

Jeffree Star – Celebrity Skin

I only own 2 Jeffree star liquid lipsticks, this one is my favourite it’s a soft brown nude with a peachy undertone. This is one of my newest liquid lipsticks and I’ve been wearing it a lot and mixing it with different lip liners. The formula is very runny and thin. It’s really comfortable on the lips, And the applicator is a really nice shape and makes it easy to apply. I just love this shade it’s the perfect nude on me with a slight brown tone, it’s definitely the lightest brown nude in this bunch.

liquid lipstick12

Kylie Cosmetics – Dolce K

This is my favourite one out of all of them, I wear this daily and I just love it! This is classed as a Deep beige nude. I have the original formula from her very first launch, so this is the thicker more mousse formula. I really like it, it’s comfortable on the lips and lasts really well, even when eating this still stays puts. If you’re pale this might be a little dark and not so much of a nude, but it’s still a gorgeous shade. I like wearing it with the matching dolce lip liner, again the applicator is the original which I much prefer to the new shaped one. I feel like this was much better and completely different to every other brand, but now I think the new one looks exactly like colour pop.

liquid lipstick10

Colour pop – Beeper

Beeper is described as a warm mid toned taupe, It is very similar to Dolce K but is slightly different. The formula is thin and runny and very similar to Kylie’s new formula, I have a love hate relationship with these Colour pop ultra mattes, I love the shade selection and Beeper is such a popular shade but I just hate the formula of these they’re very drying and feel dry on the lips, I still wear these though as I do love this shade, I  just make it work and mix with other liquid lipsticks. I wish Colour pop would bring beeper out in the ultra satin formula as Apparently the satins  are more comfortable to wear. This is just my opinion, but these Ultra mattes are very popular and loads of people seem to love them.

liquid lipstick7


NYX liquid suede – Sandstorm

These Liquid suede’s are really good for the price, they aren’t completely matte and stay slightly tacky on the lips but the formula is really nice and comfortable on the lips. Sandstorm is a beige nude, and is more on the brown side. the formula reminds me a little of Kylie’s original formula and also the applicator is similar as well.  These Liquid seudes come In a variety of shades and compliment so many skin tones.

liquid lipstick15


liquid lipstick13

L-R Celebrity skin, Dolce K, Sandstorm, Beeper


I’ve actually just ordered more Kylie lip kits so keep an eye out for a review and first impression on the new shades! I’m also waiting for huda beauty liquid lipsticks to be available on cult beauty! I did say I  have a slight addiction with liquid lipsticks.

I know liquid lipsticks aren’t for everyone as they are on the dry side, so If you already have dry lips then you wont be a fan of these, I just love the fact they last longer and I’m so used to wearing them now the dryness doesn’t really bother me. I always make sure to moisturise my lips and use lip balms regularly.  Certain brands definitely have better formulas, a few others I love are Kat von D, Gerard cosmetics, Dose of color, and NYX soft matte lip creams to name a few.

What’s your favourite liquid lipstick? Brand, Colour or formula let me know in the comments.


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    • xkassx
      5th August 2016 / 6:50 pm

      Thanks lovely! Browns are definitely my favourite I have stopped buying pink and mauves for that reason I just don’t wear them anymore. I do Wish colour pop had a better formula though 🙁

    • xkassx
      5th August 2016 / 6:51 pm

      It’s such a nice shade and I do love the formula. it’s just a shame how much it costs to get them to the UK with custom fees etc it’s the only thing that puts me off ordering any more . Xo

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