New Kylie lip kit shades Review & Swatches

New Kylie lip kit shades Review & Swatches

I know what you are thinking, another Kylie lip kit post, boringgg!

But I’ve done it again, I’ve only made another Kylie cosmetics order!! I haven’t learnt my lesson from the previous times but I really wanted the new lip kit shades!  I got Maliboo, Ginger, and exposed.

Keep on reading for swatches and my overall opinion on these.

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I ordered these when she launched her kyshadow palette but I Just missed out on that so ordered these Instead, only thing that annoys me with how Kylie runs her website is the fact she restocks everything at different times, It’s not really fair for international customers who have to pay expensive shipping and custom fees. I would have liked to order everything together but think I’m going to pass on the eyeshadow palette now. She’s also clever how she launches her new products, because things do sell out quickly people are having to make separate orders all the time to guarantee they get the products they want.

So the shipping didn’t take long at all they arrived pretty quickly to the UK but they did get stuck at customs for about 5 days which was annoying so I knew I had a custom charge for these. And yep it was £21.20 I had to pay I was gutted, that’s almost the price for another lip kit! It’s just getting to expensive to order now which I’m gutted about as I do really like the products. I was also lucky and managed to order the birthday bundle so I’m dreading that custom fee! I’m defiently taking a break from ordering American makeup!


If you follow me on snapchat I was unboxing and swatching and also doing comparison to my other lipsticks to see if I had dupes, I actually might do a separate post on dupes for the Kylie glosses and lip kits if anyone is interested? let me know if you would like to see that.

I said on snapchat about the formula feeling really dry when I swatched them, I definitely think they felt dry on my skin they looked dry as well but they felt much better on the lips. I’ve got to be honest I’m not thrilled that she has changed her formula I think considering she is Kylie Jenner she should have the most unique and best formula in the world, and these are definitely getting similar to Colourpop cosmetics liquid lipsticks, I don’t think these are the exact same as I do find these more wearable them colourpop.


Exposed warm peachy nude

kylie new lipkits3


I had wanted exposed for ages, I kept seeing swatches and it looked really nice on everyone, a few people had told me it was the perfect nude. So I gave in and ordered it, but I am a little disappointed with the shade it’s very orange on me in person, when I first swatched it on my arm it Just looked like a light orange shade so I was a little worried but I think if i wear some fake tan and do a nice warm orange/brown smokey eye this would look really nice. Also mixing this with other shades could work as well.

Ginger warm terracotta brown

kylie new lipkits2


This shade is a little out of my comfort zone if I’m honest I just don’t wear a lot of dark shades on my lips but I think this shade might change that, I wasn’t expecting it to be this dark as it looked amazing on Kylie, but then lets face it everything does lol! it’s a terracotta brick style shade. It’s going to be lovely for autumn/winter as I don’t think I could pull this off for summer.

Maliboo Light cool tone nude

kylie new lipkits4


Maliboo Is my favourite out the 3 and actually might be my new favourite out of all of the lip kits I own, I currently love dolce k and this shade is a lighter version of that. It’s a cool tone beige/brown shade but It’s not like a grey tone cool I still think it has a slight warm tone to it compared to my other cool toned liquid lipsticks.


kylie new lipkits6

I absolutely love the lip liners they’re so creamy and pigmented. I think that’s why I love buying the lip kits as it’s a pretty god price for a liquid lipstick and liner and the liner is really good quality. Only issue is they run out really quick, I get a few uses out of it before I have to sharpen them.

kylie swatch2

Top- Bottom Maliboo, Exposed, Ginger

kylie new lipkits8

Out of all the lip kits I own dolce and maliboo I think are my favourites.

I wore Maliboo all day on Saturday and was so impressed with the staying powder it lasted all day, and my lips didn’t feel like the Sahara desert which is a bonus! So even them I am disappointed she’s changed the formula I do still think these are really wearable and are still one of my favourite formulas.

Have you tried kylie’s lipsticks? Or have any of these new shades let me know below.

*Update* my birthday bundle arrived yay so I will be doing a review/first impression on that maybe next week so keep an eye out


As always thanks for reading xo



    • xkassx
      18th August 2016 / 6:26 pm

      I do really like them, even just wearing Maliboo at the weekend I was so impressed with the staying power all day but I can’t justify the shipping and custom fees anymore it’s just to much 🙁

  1. 19th August 2016 / 11:38 am

    I definitely wanted to try them before, but every review is so ‘meh’ of the formula. I just wish she had kept them the same as the colours are soooo me. Shame! LOVE her glosses tho.

    Your photos are so nice on this post!

    • xkassx
      19th August 2016 / 12:11 pm

      Aw Thank you, tried to do something a bit different ha ha! And I know I did like the OG formula so annoying that she’s changed it, they felt so dry on the arm but much better on the lips I couldn’t believe how long maliboo lasted on Saturday, hers definitely aren’t as dry as Colourpop though so that’s something lol

    • xkassx
      21st August 2016 / 5:37 pm

      Aw thank you 🙂 and Maliboo is my new favourite, I am glad I got these just for the fact I got Maliboo and don’t have anything similar. They’re nice lipsticks just a shame customs is a joke it’s definitely put me off ordering anymore. Xo

  2. 24th August 2016 / 8:53 am

    I’m so jealous, how is it fair that you have so many!! I’m resisting the urge to get on the Kylie train just because I’m terrified of custom charges! Love your blog & your instagram looks like MAKEUP GOALS!xx

    • xkassx
      24th August 2016 / 11:21 am

      Aw thanks lovely, and I got them from the start so I didn’t know any different and never got custom fees the first few times I ordered but I’m definitely not ordering any more anytime soon it’s getting to expensive. 🙁 wish it was easier to buy xo

  3. Samantha Dunk
    26th August 2016 / 10:45 pm

    Mailboo really looks like a me shade, I might have to play a cheeky order and hope for no customs haha!


    Samantha’s Beauty Loves

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