August Favourites

August Favourites

Hi Beauties!!


I actually can’t believe It’s September already, like where has this year gone it’s slightly worrying me lol it only felt like the beginning of August like last week! I’ve see on twitter everyone is excited for autumn makeup and clothes and I’m over here clinging on to summer for as long as possible! ha ha

But less of my moaning as I want to show you my monthly makeup and beauty favourites tthat I’ve been loving for August!!

A lot of the products I talk about on snap or products I have talked about from previous posts as I do use a lot of the same makeup, but you all know I buy a lot and also I sometimes go back to my ride or die products.

Does anyone else do that? like stop using a particular product and then when you go back to using it ever wonder why you stopped using it in the first place, I’ve done this recently with a few things  ha ha.

august faves new2

  • BH cosmetics Carli Bybel palette
  • L’Oréal detox clay mask
  • L’Oréal Infallible pro flow foundation
  • Anastasia Beverly hills brow wiz
  • Anastasia Beverly hills dipbrow
  • Kylie mailboo liquid lipstick
  • Barry M coco loco lip oil
  • Giant fan brush



BH cosmetics Carli Bybel palette

august faves new8

You can tell from this picture how loved this palette is, it’s so affordable and amazing quality I love this so much I had to order a back up, the shades are so pigmented and the shimmer shades are my favourite and what I’ve been using a lot this month. I think ordering this directly from BH cosmetics and with postage it was under £15 which is such a bargain. It’s the perfect palette for natural day looks and more glam and smokey look for the evening.


L’Oreal detox mask 

august faves new3

I did a post on these L’Oreal clay masks before, but I’ve really been loving the detox one, I’m so impressed with it for the price. And I have seen a big difference in my skin as well. Would highly recommend getting one to try out. My post is here if you want a read.

august faves new9

Think we all know how much I love this foundation, I’ve talked about it a lot and done a post on this the other day so I won’t go in too much detail and repeat myself, but I had to mention this as I’ve been using it non stop this month. If you haven’t seen my review you can read it here

ABH dipbrow and brow wiz

august faves new4

This is one of my ride or die makeup products, I used to swear by this combo and for some reason I stopped using it, but for the last month I’ve been loving it again, the brow wiz is so good for outlining the brows and then I use the dipbrow to fill them in, I’ve got the shade soft brown in both of these and it’s a good match for me. Anastasia Beverly Hills will always be the queen of brow products for me. Products are a little pricey but they’re definitely worth it.


august faves new10

This fan brush I picked up in Tk max it was only £4.99 and it’s huge! I’ve seen fan brushes like these for over £16 so I got a bargain and I’ve been obsessed with using this for my highlighter, I’ve noticed such a difference. I highly recommend having a look in Tk maxx the beauty section has been so good lately and they had all different colours of these brushes I think I saw this brush with a mint  and also a coral handle. I just think it applies my highlighter so much better and this can also be used for setting or dusting powder and contour as well because of the shape.

Kylie Maliboo

august faves new5

I also did a post on these Kylie lipsticks if you want to read more about them and my experience here but this is Maliboo and one of her newest shades I picked up and it’s by far my new favourite, it’s slightly lighter to dolce k and just the perfect cool/brown toned nude on me. I wore it all one weekend and it lasted so well I was really impressed.

Barry M lip oil

august faves new7

I hope you can See this ok, it blended in with every background I did but this is the Barry m coco loco lip oil it’s so good, a must have for people who wear a lot of liquid lipstick, my lips get so dry and this is great for keeping them moisturised. When you first apply it, it is a little bit like a lip gloss and is tacky but it does soon dry down, I apply this when I’m doing my foundation and then by the time I’m ready to do my lipstick it’s pretty much dry. It’s only £4.99 and isn’t bad for a drug store lip oil.


So those are the products I’ve been loving this month, it will soon be September before we know it and I will be back again talking about my September favourites!

As always thanks for reading xo




  1. Candice Petersen
    5th September 2016 / 12:45 pm

    These are some really great favourites! I really wish we had the pro glow foundation

    Beauty Candy Loves

    • xkassx
      5th September 2016 / 6:07 pm

      Thank you lovely, I know I’m worrying I’m running out I’ve been using it so much, they need to hurry up and bring it out 🙁 xo

  2. 7th September 2016 / 11:23 pm

    Nice picks! I’ve also been loving my L’oreal Pure Clay Masks 🙂

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

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