New Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil

New Dermalogica Phyto Replenish Oil

Hi All,

Today’s post is all about Dermalogica Phyto replenish  Oil, I’ve been really loving this recently, now normally when it comes to skin care I like to give it at least 4 weeks before I will review it on the blog for you guys but I knew straight away after using this I was going to love it.

I’ve had this a couple of week now and have been using it every night before bed and I’m seriously amazed!! Keep on reading for my review…

So you should probably know by now as I say it enough but I do have dry skin so I love face oils, and Dermalogica is a brand I’ve been desperate to try for some time now as it gets such good reviews but they have so many popular products it’s a little overwhelming on where to even start and what to try first. I also worry about buying skin care In case it doesn’t agree with me etc so I like to do a lot of research before I buy anything but everyone I’ve spoken to has recommend Dermalogica and after using this oil I am so impressed I’m definitely going to try some other products from this brand.


So this is the new Phyto replenish oil, it’s described as dewy luminous skin in a bottle!! Urm yes please I love anything dewy and luminous. This oil claims to reinforce the skins protective barrier, shields, moistures,  smooths and delivers a healthy looking glow. I’m so down for that!!

Some of the ingredients

  • Camellia Japonica / antioxidant oil helps strengthen the skin, provides wrinkle reducing benefits.
  • Tamanu oil / potent antioxidants
  • Chia seed oil / helps hydrate, while soothing dry itchy skin
  • Orchid flower extract / repairs, protects, locks in moisture.
  • hyaluronic acid / hydrates whilst providing antioxidant and anti irritant properties
  • Sunflower seed oil / rich source or vitamin E
  • Rice bran oil / rich in vitamin B & E helps protect against UV Ray’s


From just the short  time I’ve been using it, I’m amazed, this doesn’t happen often either, my skin feels so soft and I can completely agree that it leaves skin looking luminous and healthy, I don’t think my skin has looked better recently if I do say so myself. Even my mum has commented on it when she saw me, I even let her use a tiny bit and she loved it as well so I think she’s going to treat herself to a bottle.

The good thing about this is it can be used on it’s own after cleansing or before foundation or even mixed in with moisturisers etc. I often find with oils some can leave the skin looking really greasy and just sit on top of the skin but this doesn’t do that at all, it soaks into my skin and doesn’t actually feel like a normal oil which I love, and the fact it soaks in and doesn’t lay on top means I know it’s really getting into the skin and working!

Like I said I’ve been applying this before bed and when I wake up my skin just looks and feels more refreshed and I’ve definitely noticed my makeup has been applying better, my foundation doesn’t cling to any dry patches or anything because guess what?! I’ve noticed I’m not actually getting many dry patches anymore, it’s a miracle!! I’m actually going to try adding this To my morning moisturiser before I apply my foundation and see if that makes much of a difference with how my makeup applies.

Because this really does give you dewy and luminous skin I would say it’s recommended for normal to dry skin, even combo skin but not sure you oily girls would enjoy it!

You get 30ml which is a decent sized bottle and because it’s an oil a little goes a long way so this will last me a while, it is pricey but when it comes to skin care it’s worth it. A couple of years back I would never splurge on skin care and I would laugh about anti wrinkle, environmental stressors, protective barriers and so on, but now I  am getting older and wearing so much more makeup, I’m really starting to notice the little things so I want to take care of my skin as soon as possible.

I seriously can’t praise this anymore without going on and on about it and Boring you all, but I haven’t loved a skin care product like this for some time.

If you would like to read more info or find out where you can purchase this for yourself then click here


Have  you tried this or any other Dermalogical products ?! I would love to know some other products to try. That are a must have!!

I can’t thank freedom PR and Dermalogica enough for letting me try this out!

As always thanks for reading xo


*This post contains PR samples, please see my disclaimer for more details*



  1. Hafsa
    21st September 2016 / 2:46 pm

    Loving ur post was tempted to buy but seeing the price tag made me back off maybe when I save up lol xx ❤️

    • xkassx
      21st September 2016 / 4:24 pm

      Thank you, and I know it’s very pricey 🙁 but it is amazing. Lol xo

  2. 28th September 2016 / 8:09 pm

    I’ve used Dermalogica for years and years as for a while it was the only brand that didn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I’ve heard about this new product and as I love oils too I really want to try it! x

    • xkassx
      29th September 2016 / 9:04 pm

      I have heard lots about it but never tried anything till now, I’m really loving this though so if you do like oils this is definitely something to invest in. 🙂 xo

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