Ideal world beauty box

Ideal world beauty box


I love coming across new beauty brands, I have to admit I am very set in my ways when it comes to beauty and makeup which I am trying to change, I feel like since I’ve started blogging I am finding and trying so many new products,  so when ideal world sent me there bloggers beauty box full of different beauty items and brands they sell I was very excited to try all these goodies.


If you haven’t heard of ideal world it’s a TV shopping channel and online retailer they literally sell everything including beauty, home, clothing, you can find a gift for everyone which is perfect for Christmas coming up.

I was in my element, this box screams beauty pamper night in, it has all different masks, for the face and eyes, wet brush, lipstick, eyeliner, tan enhancer, slender wrap to name a few. And a few of these brands I have never heard of but like I said I am more open-minded trying new beauty products. A few years a go I would have laughed at skin care items with collagen, anti age etc but now I can’t get enough, I definitely want to look after my skin while I still can and while it’s not too late. So that brings me on to a few of the products I’ve been loving from this box.


I’ve only tried the beauty pro rejuvenating sheet mask so far, which I loved, it has green tea extract and it left my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated, I’m really loving sheet masks at the moment you can’t beat them.

I’m looking forward to trying out the Elizabeth Grant firming eye pads, I love eye masks I’ve tried a couple before and was really impressed, as my under eyes can get a little dry so I like using pads and masks.

Next up is the Liquilift slender wrap, which I’m saving until I start exercising regularly, so I can use it while working out and see if it makes a difference. It’s supposed to help lose inches off targeted areas on the body so I’m very intrigued to try this out.


More Elizabeth Grant products

one of them I have been using regularly and love it, which is the wonder works Glycolic mask, I love anything Glycolic, it’s really helped my skin, with texture and leaves it looking really healthy, this contains 10% which is great as a lot of other Glycolic products I own only contain 5%.

Collagen re-Inforce concealing eye serum I was really interested in as it claims to conceal dark circles and reduce the appearance of puffiness. The collagen helps refine fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Now I’m lucky in the fact I don’t have any wrinkles, yet anyway and I don’t suffer with dark circles so I can’t comment if it’s helped me but I love how smooth it’s made my  under eyes look.


Also in the box was some products from SKINN cosmetics which I’ve never tried before. One thing I noticed about the plasma fusion lipstick was the middle and it’s actually a lip balm, gloss and lipstick in one. The lipstick is so pigmented considering it has the balm in the centre I really like this idea and wish more brands did lipstick like this. I didn’t find it drying at all as it has the balm in the centre, it also had really good staying power and lasted A few hours on the lips.

The luxe waterproof eyeliner In hazel moss isn’t my usual shade but with Christmas coming up it will be perfect with the red lipstick. I do love a waterproof eyeliner, they are a must for the waterline.


Obviously with it being winter I haven’t used the Zhuzh Tan accelerator as it’s not the best weather and we haven’t had much sun, but I can see this being very handy in the summer time as I struggle so badly getting a sun tan, I’m the only one to go away to America for 4 weeks and come back as white as when I went ha, so I’m really excited to try this, it’s supposed to work with the melanin in your skin when exposed to the sun to help speed up the tanning process . This is definitely coming with me when I go to Florida next year.


Last but not least is the Wet brush pro. I can’t Live without these brushes definitely a must for my thick hair, I don’t actually own a old fashioned hair brush anymore these have taken over, perfect to use when your hair is wet or dry and prevent tangles.

I can’t thank ideal world enough for sending me these goodies and letting me try out some of the fab beauty brands they stock.

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know below.

As always thanks for reading xo


*this post contains PR samples please see my disclaimer for more details*


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