My Christmas Wishlist

My Christmas Wishlist



Michael Kors Fujifilm Instax


I love Michael kors, and when I saw that he was teaming up with Fujifilm to design a Instax mini70 this had to go on to my Christmas list. I’ve wanted an Instax for a while now, I just love the fact you can have  instant Polaroids and can create scrap books, or just use if for on the go to capture and print great memories. The fact this is gold and Michael kors is an Extra bonus. Let’s hope Santa is good to me this year haha.

T3 Hair Twirl convertible


I love curling my hair, I use my GHDS a lot and also my Trevor Sorbie tongs that probably do the exact same thing but I’ve always wanted one of these, how pretty is it? So blogger right, I love the white and rose gold detail. All the American bloggers, and youtubers use T3 and rave about it so I want to see what the fuss is about. Although these are pretty expensive you can buy different barrel attachments which is pretty handy if I want to create different hair styles.

Kylie Kyshadow


I have wanted this palette since it first came out but I wanted to let the hype die down and see reviews, a lot of people say her eyeshadows are really good and I love all the shades in this one, I do love a neutral palette.  The Only thing that annoys me with Kylie cosmetics is the custom fees you get every time you order it really does put me off wanting to order anything else.

Kylie Brush set


I was actually really good and nothing grabbed me from her holiday collection, it all kind of seemed the same to her birthday collection if I’m honest. But I did like the look of these limited edition brushes, although this is Kylie and I doubt these will actually be limited edition. I’m Interested to see how they perform and if they are high quality brushes. A lot of people said they look really cheap but it’s hard to say without actually feeling them.

Leopard Z Palette


I love my Z palettes, I use them for lots of things and they are great for customising your own palettes like eyeshadow, blush, highlighter etc. I’ve used up all my other ones so I would love a new one as I want to create my own eyeshadow palette next and get some Makeup geek shadows. I like the fact with Z palettes you can see whats in side because of the clear packaging.

Artis Brush


I have got a few Artis brushes, and I love them but damn I wish they wasn’t so pricey, the cheap alternatives just don’t compare for me, so I always go back to my Artis brush. The only thing I do hate is that the handle feels so flimsy, which I think is bad for the price. But what I do like about this one is that it has no handle so I won’t have to worry about it being flimsy, And the fact this is a palm brush it will be easy to hold and use.

Beauty Bay The new neutrals collection


I don’t own any MUG shadows, I know I must be the only one, but I find it so overwhelming trying to pick some shades, as you can only buy them online in the uk I don’t want to end up getting the wrong shades but least with this set I can try a few before I decide to buy more, plus I would like to test out the formula etc first before I buy loads and I like the fact this is a neutral set, So I know I will definitely use these shades.

That is Pretty much it on my wishlist, I’ve really struggled making a list this year, which almost never happens ha! I think it’s because I buy so much throughout the year. But every year my boyfriend gets me something that isn’t on my list and totally surprises me, I’m really lucky in the fact he totally gets me and understands my makeup and beauty addiction, so who knows what he has got me this year.

what’s on your wishlist this year?!

Thanks for reading xo




    • xkassx
      8th December 2016 / 4:30 pm

      Thanks Nicole! I know it looks so nice doesn’t it! It’s very me ha ha xo

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