Micropigmentation Brows My Experience

Micropigmentation Brows My Experience

Hi Loves,

So if you follow me on social media you will know that back at the end of september I had micro pigmentation brows done, It was something I had been thinking about for a long time, I have heard lots about it and I was intrigued, along with most people I over plucked when I was younger and although my brows have come a long way since then I still have some insecurities about them, one always looked completely different which just happened to be the one that I butchered many years ago, I was finding it difficult to grow them back especially growing back fuller and thicker. we all know brows make a face and its surprising how self conscious you can feel when your brows just aren’t right.

I have been going to see Robyn my brow lady for years now and trust her completely, she’s not only my brow therapist I like to call her ha ha but also a family friend, with her help and opinion, she helped me get  decent brows back even after my plucking disaster, I regularly go to Robyn every 4 weeks for a brow wax and tint, I would basically say I have HD brows done with her.  She recently trained in micro pigmentation brows which I was thrilled about as I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else to have them done, finding a beauty technician you trust is like how some people feel about their trusty hair dressers once you find someone you love you wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I finally decided to go for it and booked in with Robyn, plus as she was newly trained she was offering a cheaper price to have them done which was even better, I paid £150 for my initial appointment which includes a consultation including brow shape, filling of forms, And the first procedure, then after 6 weeks your touch up appointment which includes, colour or shape adjustment and then going over every thing that was already been done, in case of fading etc. So I think that was a fantastic price, a lot of these permanent cosmetics procedures can cost anything from £300-500.



Meet Robyn, she has her own salon at her home in Berkshire where she has over 10 years experience working in salons and spas. she offers a wide range of beauty treatments including waxing, LVL lashes, HD brows, nails and makeup.

Some of you might not have heard about Micro pigmentation brows as I know people get confused with this and Micro Blading, plus there is so many different techniques now including, feather, ombre, bold, hair strokes the list is endless.  I’m going to explain a little bit about what it is and the actual procedure then I’m going to get into my review.

Also I tried to get as many pictures as I could for this post, most of the pictures of my actual brows Robyn had to get on her phone.

Just warning you this is a long post so grab a snack and get comfy, I’ve tried to fit over 2 months of information in this post, as I  know a lot of people where interested in me doing this post so I hope you enjoy.

What is Micro Pigmentation? 

Micro pigmentation is a semi-permanent makeup procedure, and is done using a digital machine rather than a fine hand-held blade (micro blading) The colour is implanted deeper into the skin using the machine,  hence it lasts longer than the Micro Blading method. Micro Pigmentation only needs to be re-touched every 2 to 5 years, sometimes longer. But colour or pigment touch ups might be needed within that time.  The procedure can take up to 2 hours and can cost more as its more precise at depositing the pigment.

please make sure the specialist is fully trained and licensed to carry out this cosmetic procedure.

The Procedure – My Experience

I’m not going to lie I was very nervous to get this done, I’ve never even had a tattoo before so I didn’t know what to expect, I was given an anaesthetic cream to put on an hour before my appointment as Robyn knows what a wimp I am, also once the initial outline is done Robyn puts on another anaesthetic cream, so plenty of numbing which made me feel better.

I filled out all my forms and went through my medical history and my current medication, I was told all this information was needed as it can affect the results and how well the pigment takes to the skin.

Robyn then started drawing on my brows to determine a shape I would like, this took the longest I swear as I’m so fussy. I was finally happy with the shape, I didn’t go with anything to drastic and different to what I already had, I  just wanted them a bit fuller and thicker.

Then we decided on a colour, I choose to mix two of the pigments together one was more a cool brown and the other was a warmer toned brown.

It was then time to begin……



I’m not going to lie and say it was painless as lets face it, it doesn’t sound pleasant so it’s not going to feel nice, everyone is different and has different pain thresholds, I actually thought I was very brave, when she started doing the front of my brows I kept getting the feeling like I was going to sneeze, as it was tickling my sinuses which was a really odd feeling. My left brow definitely hurt more for some reason but I just kept thinking of the end result and that it would all be worth it in the end, beauty is pain and all that. The procedure didn’t seem like it took that long, I just laid there and closed my eyes and couldn’t wait till she said she was done, She regularly got me up to look in the mirror to see if I was happy with the shape, which I was. The more she went over them they did start to feel a little sore and tender but nothing I couldnt handle, I noticed the blood on the cotton wool balls and my brows were still bleeding when I looked in the mirror, that in its self is enough to make anyone think oh shit did I do the right thing getting this done!! LOL



This is the machine and tool, she adds the sterilised needled to it, think of it like a tattoo but on your brows, I was really happy with how they looked, she made them look really natural and like hair strokes, which is what I wanted nothing to drastic, she warned me that they would look a lot bolder to start off with but would fade a lot over the next few weeks but I actually didn’t mind how they looked. I do love a bold brow.


I would like to add my face is not symmetrical at all, and my brows were totally different shapes,I actually hate having front facing pictures taken of me as I have never had matching brows, Robyn kind of had to work with what I had already, and my basic brow shape, we was having a joke as I said I think I need to have botox, I  have one side of my face where just above my brow the skin drops so it affects the shape, it’s really bizarre but hey I just have to deal with it, no one is perfect.

I think they look much better and such an improvement, look how natural the hair strokes look as well, I was so impressed!!


I was given a leaflet to read and some ointment cream to apply to my brows after 4 days, to keep from getting infection and drying out, I already knew what to expect as I had done my research.

the basics

can’t  get them wet for at least  7 days!

can’t apply any makeup around or on the area, although I applied foundation a few days after I didn’t apply any brow product for about 4 weeks after

some redness/swelling

itchy and scabby  ( DO NOT touch or pick at them as it can affect the healing and pigment!!)

I definitely think the after care and healing process was the hardest, for the first 7 days I had no issues bur after that they started to become so itchy, where you just wanted to have a good scratch, but I was good and didn’t touch them as I didn’t want to ruin what had been done, scratching and picking can cause the scabs to come off early and effect the pigment. After about 2, 3 weeks It started to look like I had cradle cap, my brows were completely scabby and had faded so bad, I was starting to worry but I did get told this was completely normal. after about 4/5 weeks is when I started to see the final results, by this time the pigment had really faded to greyish colour and you could really see  what needed touching up.


sorry for the gross pic but this is when they starting to get really scabby and the pigmented had really faded, like I said I found the healing stages pretty difficult especially when you have to go out every day and you have people looking at you like dude whats up with your brows ha!

Touch up appointment 

The second appointment is a must, as like the aftercare card says it’s a 2 stage procedure, the second touch up appointment is to change the colour and shape if needed and to go over what’s already been done in case of fading or any areas you aren’t happy with, Robyn did say mine had faded a lot but I think that’s just my skin and how the pigment took to me. I was so looking forward to going back as I wanted my shape changed and also the colour a bit darker.


So like the first appointment we spoke about the shape and what I wanted changed, I wanted them more straight this time with less of an arch, just because I’m not really used to an arch I prefer the straight looking brows, we also decide on using just the cooler toned brown pigment as  Robyn did mention other people had been saying the warmer brown shade faded a lot.

 she marked them all out like before and It was exactly what I wanted, I was very happy with the shape. She was very precise and measured them all.


Like before I had the numbing cream, but once Robyn started I knew straight away it was definitely more painful this time around, I’m not sure if it’s because the tissue or surrounding area was still a little tender and healing or if it’s just how I was feeling that day but It did really hurt, I think Robyn knew it was hurting me a lot more so she applied more numbing cream and after that it was 100 times better and more bearable, I just kept thinking of the end results and that it would all be worth it in the end, she also mentioned I was bleeding a lot more this time.

I kept checking them in the mirror to make sure I was happy with them and we tweaked bits here and there and it didn’t actually take very long at all I think getting the shape right took the longest. Robyn is a perfectionist and she didn’t want to go over them to much as she said it could look blotchy so we are going to see how they heal this time and hopefully they won’t fade as much this time around.  I did come over funny after, I’m not sure if it was the pain or the blood loss but after Robyn gave me a couple of sweets and then I felt much better haha.


How amazing do they look?! Can’t believe how natural they look, and really realistic, they don’t look fake at all, you can get so many different techniques done now but I think these hair stroke brows are my favourite.


You can see here how sore they are, they also bleed a lot after which wasn’t nice I had to keep blotting them.

My final thoughts 

overall I would definitely recommend this if you have insecurities with your own brows, or hair loss etc It’s expensive but I look at it like it’s going to save me money in the long run, on tinting and brow products and also save me so much time in the morning getting ready.  My advice would be to do your research and go with someone you trust and is completely licenced and qualified as this is a permanent cosmetic procedure. I went for micro pigment brows rather than micro blading just because of what I’ve seen and heard, so although they are basically the same concept it’s a different application, Robyn actually said to me she prefers micro pigmentation as you have more control with the needle and shape, where as using a straight blade is hard to do curves and detailed work on the brows.  She also said a lot of people do these one day courses and if I’m honest that worries me, I would want someone who is fully trained and experienced.


so it’s been 5 weeks since I had my top up appointment, and they healed so much quicker this time and although they have faded a little the pigment has taken much much better this time around, the only issue is they have faded a tiny bit in a few certain areas for some reason, and Robyn wants to re do them just so we are both happy, Robyn was surprised that it’s still not fully taken but  I think it’s to do with my medication and its effecting the pigmentation, I think if I get them re done again in the new year and certain areas fade I won’t bother again, least I know it’s not for me. I knew the risks before I got it done but I still wanted to go ahead with it anyway. Sometimes it really sucks being on a lot of medication and the side effects.

I hope this post has helped anyone who was interested in getting these done. if you have any questions at all just leave me a comment.

Robyn works from home as she has a little boy so she has her own work hours and she’s very booked up but if you are in the Berkshire area and would like some more info about her treatments I will leave her Instagram and Facebook page to check out where you can message her.



Thanks for reading xo






  1. 15th December 2016 / 9:40 pm

    Great post Hun! Your eyebrows look great 🙂 I had mine microbladed and it changed my makeup routine! You will love not having to touch them. This is a great post for anyone considering this treatment xx

  2. 16th December 2016 / 11:03 am

    Loved this post Kasie, super informative and honest.
    I don’t think I could handle the pain because I am the worlds biggest baby, but I think yours look bloody fab!

    I totally agree with how important it is to find a therapist you love and trust. It means you don’t have that awkward thing where you don;t like something and don’t dare say, that has happened to me a few times at the hairdressers!

    You are brave lady. but the results are fab! They look so natural!
    Georgie – as you wish uk x

    • xkassx
      21st December 2016 / 2:43 pm

      Ah thank you sweetie. Tried to fit in as much info as possible. I don’t know how I managed to go through with it myself tbh it was painful lol and I’m a little gutted they haven’t taken to me as well as I thought they would but I knew that might be the case. Xo

  3. 27th December 2016 / 11:47 pm

    I love this honest review. I’ve been thinking about getting mine done for years, and I didn’t even think about the pigmentation not being even afterwards. I’m so fussy I’m just concerned I won’t get the shape I want, but I really hate the shape of them now as they are so straight and so sparse. This has definitely made me want to consider getting it done in 2017!

    • xkassx
      30th December 2016 / 10:17 pm

      thanks leah, yeah fading is completely normal after the first appointment, as thats the whole reason for the touch up appointment. mine are just being stubborn and need a bit more pigment. Im just glad I changed my shape as I wasnt quite happy with them to start of with. you will love them if you do decide to get them done, makes such a difference xo

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