KKW BEAUTY Ultralight Beams Duo

KKW beauty ultralight beams pigment


I have been meaning to get this post up for a while now as I actually got these KKW beauty ultralight beams for Christmas although they didn’t turn up till after, and of course I had a custom charge, I think with Christmas it got held at customs for longer. But they’re finally mine and this is my first purchase from KKW beauty actually, as let’s be honest I’m a sucker for glitter and lip glosses. I wasn’t that bothered about the contour products if I’m honest but these I just couldn’t resist.

I got the shades Iridescent, Rose gold and Copper. These were the ones that caught my eye the most.

I actually think these are a really good price, you get a duo, an ultra shimmer loose powder and high shine lip gloss for $32 which works out about £23 and for two products I think that is really reasonable.

Altogether she has 5 shades to choose from, Iridescent, rose gold, yellow gold, copper, and bronze, but I definitely felt like the ones I picked were more suited for my skin tone and shades I would wear more.


KKW beauty ultralight beams review


I really loved the packaging of these, they’re so sleek and elegant with the nude bags and also nude lids. The KKW beauty logo on the lip gloss is also nude, so it is really hard to actually see it. I think I prefer the packaging of the pigments as its nothing I’ve seen before. I know so people don’t care about packaging but I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

KKW beauty ultralight beams lip gloss

Lip gloss in copper, iridescent and rose gold


KKW beauty ultralight beams duo

Iridescent loose powder pigment

KKW beauty ultralight beams

Rose gold loose powder pigment

KKW beauty ultralight beams swatch

Copper loose powder pigment


KKW beauty ultralight beams swatch

Iridescent, rose gold and copper pigments


As you can see from the swatches these are super sparkly and pretty, and make great highlighters. what I love about these powders is that they’re so universal and you can use them as eye shadows, on the face and body and on the lips. These also look great if you dab a little bit over the lip glosses, they can be used wet as well with water, fix plus etc and it makes them  even more intense and metallic.

The gloss is more like a topper I would say rather than a pigmented gloss, it has the tiniest amount of colour but has different specs of glitter in each one. They look beautiful over the top of lipsticks rather than to wear alone. unless you like just plain glossy lips of course. I feel like the sparkle does make your lips looks very pouty though.

That’s the reason I haven’t swatched the glosses as they weren’t showing up that great on me and my pale skin, especially on camera. Although they look lovely on and I do actually like them, I just wish they had a little bit more colour to them.

I know a lot of people don’t like ordering from America due to custom charges etc but for the people who are interested in getting these I hope that this post was helpful. I know a lot of people have asked me about these. And even more exciting Kim K herself even retweeted my photo on twitter and used my photos in her Instagram story the other day, I literally died when I went on and it said Kim Kardashian had mentioned you in their story….I was like sorry what!!! massive fan girl moment I felt so proud that Kim K had actually seen my picture ha ha!


Anyway Let me know what you think of these and if you have your eye on them.



  1. 17th January 2018 / 2:13 pm

    I love it Kas! It’s so pretty and pigmented. The colours are perfect for everyday xxx

  2. 17th January 2018 / 3:57 pm

    I thought these were so pretty! Haven’t tried them myself but thought the concept was really cool and interesting. Have you tried mixing the gloss with the pigment?

  3. 22nd January 2018 / 12:10 pm

    I love the look of these! You really have photographed them really well!


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