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Becca cosmetics has been one of my favourite brands for a while now, everything I have tried I have really liked. I’ve selected  a few products out of my ever growing  collection to talk about, as well as a few new products I have been testing out lately.

Becca are known for their gorgeous products that give you that lit from within glowing skin, that looks natural and radiant and gives you a serious glowing complexion. With ingredients that are also good for your skin. I think Becca are more well-known for their highlighters  especially their collab with Jaclyn Hill and the famous champagne pop, although I was a big lover of them before that.

I have tried their primers, foundations, blush, highlighters, and eyeshadows and now some of their new products which include the eye primer and setting powder.

becca cosmetics primer


Backlight Priming Filter – Probably one of my favourite ever primers, I have gone through about 4 bottles of this and always repurchase. If you have dry skin and love glowy primers that make the skin look radiant without being too dewy looking, then this one is for you, it leaves a gorgeous shimmer to the skin.  This definitely gives a glow from within look and a soft airbrushed finish.

First Light Priming Filter –  This lavender toned primer is a brightening primer and makes the skin look more fresh and awake.  This is also another radiant primer and is quite similar to the backlight although they claim to target different things. I love how this one smells, its like sweets!

Velvet Blurring Primer Perfecting Base – One of their newest primers is this one, It claims to be for all skin types although I find this one a little drying for me, it feels lovely when you first put it on but it dries down quite quickly and has a velvet finish, I definitely think this one will be nice for oily skin types. It blurs pores, fine lines and imperfections.



becca vanilla quartz


As I said before Becca are definitely well-known for their highlighters, they have so many formulas including cream, liquid and powder to name a few. I think I nearly have all the shades apart from the really dark ones. I personally love moonstone and pearl as they’re perfect for my fair skin although this new vanilla quartz might be my new favourite.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Vanilla Quartz – A stunning creamy powder highlighter, which is one of their newest shades, it’s a gorgeous light white gold highlighter infused with pink pearl reflects. It’s so pretty and I really love it, I think it’s definitely more wearable than pearl which is more of a bright white pearlescent and is a tiny bit lighter than moonstone which is my favourite from Becca. Although I love opal and champagne pop I just find them a tad dark for my skin tone.

becca vanilla quartz swatch


I also love the Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighters these are great for mixing into your skin care, moisturisers and foundations, it just adds a little bit more glow which sometimes I love, especially in the summer time, I’m all about that glow!!


becca bright eyes


Now on to the products I have been trying out, which includes a couple of their newest under eye products. I love a bright radiant under eye as I can’t get away with anything too drying due to my dry skin, so I like going for products that are brightening.

Anti-Fatigue Under Eye Primer –  This is basically a pre concealer primer, although you can definitely put this on before you put any foundation on. I have been testing it both ways and it works. I know people can be a bit funny with using primers once you have done your base makeup, but this is really nice to apply and isn’t thick in texture or hard to blend. It is packed with amazing ingredients that expel toxins and diminish inflammation while creating a smooth base for concealer application. It contains cucumber, caffeine, and matcha green tea. We all know how good these ingredients are for the skin and especially the under eyes.

I like to warm it up in my fingers before applying as it almost feels like a balm, and pat it under the eyes. It does feel quite cooling which I suspect is the cucumber ingredient. I really do feel like this made my eyes look more awake and fresh looking.

becca anit fatigue eye primer


Under Eye Brightening Corrector – I Have been using this for over a year now and have a few travel sizes that I’m currently using up first before I use this one, but this is one of my must have products for my under eyes, it definitely brightens!! Its pink toned which I know won’t be for everyone although I do believe they have new shades out now. But the pink tone helps neutralise the blue hue of dark circles. It is so creamy and blends into the skin so easily, it isn’t thick either so it doesn’t just lay on top of the skin, it really soaks in which is a must as who likes a thick cakey looking under eye.  I definitely think it brightens and leaves the under eyes looking more radiant, I know so many girls who also love this as well.

Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder – Another new product is this brightening setting powder. I am always on the hunt for brightening powders as I can’t use anything matte or drying like others can, I especially can’t bake either that everyone loves to do now days.  This powder feels so silky and soft, really lightweight and finely milled. when you use it you can see it contains some sort of pearl shimmer which I personally love. But don’t worry when its blended into the skin it’s not glittery or anything or noticeable.  This can even be used throughout the day to top up, set and refresh the skin. Because this is only an under eye powder it’s not the same as a normal setting powder but you still get 2.7g of product.



becca bright eyes reveiw



I don’t have the worst under eyes or suffer badly with dark circles etc so In a way I can’t say how it would help someone else who does but I personally love this 3 step under eye routine. I love that the primer feels really cooling and makes me feel and look a bit more awake and I actually feel like it’s a nice primer and base for my concealer, I already loved the corrector and how brightening it made my under eyes look. and  I love the fact the power isn’t drying or makes me look cakey and flat like some powders can. whatever your skin type or age I think this will suit a lot of people especially if you suffer with dry under eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.






I think Becca cater for all ages and skin type whether you have young or mature skin or oily or dry and like I said before I love that the ingredients have benefits for the skin and are good for you. I think if you had to start somewhere with Becca I would definitely recommend purchasing the base  products first like the primers, foundations and then the highlighters. I know it can be overwhelming trying out a new brand and what to start with. But if you’re a lover of Becca like me you will know what products to try and what works best for you. I am so pleased we can purchase it more easily in the UK now as a few years ago it was so difficult, I used to have to stock up when I went to America.

A few other products I will mention that I love is the Ombre rouge eye palette, mineral blushes especially wild honey and song bird ,and the aqua luminous foundation. I also love all the mini sets they do, its  great way of testing out the products. Next on my list that I have got my eye on is the bronzers as they look amazing!!

I really hope Becca decide to bring out an illuminating setting spray or primer spray in the future. I’ve got my fingers crossed as I bet it would be the best spray ever!!



becca cosmetics collection



I hope this post has been helpful if you was thinking of picking up any Becca products while Cult Beauty are doing free worldwide shipping and the amazing 20% off.

Let me know below your favourite Becca product and if you’re going to pick anything up!

Thanks for reading xo



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  1. 23rd February 2018 / 4:54 pm

    I haven’t ever tried Becca so this is such a helpful post and especially given that they have the discount code too, thank you 🙂 xxx

      Zoë – MammafulZo 💕 

  2. Candice
    24th February 2018 / 9:01 am

    I’ve never tried any Becca products before! The highlighters looks absolutely gorgeous..

    Candice |

  3. 2nd March 2018 / 1:44 pm

    Really want to try Becca the highlights look insane x

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