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Becca Royal Glow Highlighter UK Launch


I was very lucky to be invited along to the UK launch of Becca cosmetics in London on Wednesday.  Although Becca has been available to purchase at space NK and cult beauty for some time now they haven’t done a global event like this before so I was very excited and intrigued as I had a feeling that there would be some sort of surprise…. and they didn’t disappoint.

becca royal glow event


Becca cosmetics is one of my most beloved brands and I talk about their products a lot on my blog and social media pages and I’m so pleased of all their success over the past few years, more people need to try this amazing brand because their products are some of the best. I’m thrilled that they’re now officially in the U.K. And their products are more accessible to purchase. Although they never really left the UK they had limited distribution so sometimes we couldn’t get the full range of products but now with it officially launching in John Lewis I have a feeling we will be in for a few more surprises and new products which I can’t wait for.




The spectacular event was in London in a gorgeous town house, it was seriously decor goals it was beautiful. With personalised Becca cocktails, gorgeous peonies everywhere including a flower stair case and fire-place , blush coloured interior, flower crowns and a personal flower throne to take photos and selfies on, what more could you possibly want, it even had a little highlighter touch up station which was lovely to try out all the different highlighters Becca offer. And can we also just take a second to appreciate the amazingggg  highlighter cake it was breathtaking.


I also got to meet some of the girls from the Becca team, they come all the way from America and I was so excited to finally meet Kerry Cole who is the global brand ambassador and style director for Becca, I have followed her for years and she’s gorgeous and even more beautiful and sweet in person, It was lovely to meet the new Becca UK team as well and such a lovely bunch of ladies. Nikki makeup was announced as the new global makeup ambassador for Becca, if you don’t follow her on instagram then you should as her makeup skills are amazing, she does the best brows!! 


royal glow becca john lewis event



It was in partnership with John Lewis as Becca is now available at John Lewis yayyy and I believe glow bars will be hitting stores around summer time, again making it so much easier to swatch and buy all the Becca goodies you could possibly want. They also revealed a U.K. Exclusive with John Lewis which is a brand new highlighter called Royal Glow, perfect timing for the royal wedding and all things London, this highlighter is beyond words, it’s elegant and so regal looking, and I’m so pleased that the Becca highlighter family keeps on growling, they have so many to choose from now and have an amazing variety of shades for every skin tone, I Just love how diverse they are.

*Royal glow launched with John Lewis last week but Is now available on Becca cosmetics, cult beauty and space nk*





The Royal glow Highlighter is limited edition so grab it quickly if you really want it. And I think everyone needs this as it’s just so gorgeous, I would get this for the packaging alone but then I am a bit of a makeup collector. It is just as amazing as all their other shimmering skin perfectors, this shade is described as a warm bronzed opal shade infused with shimmering gold pearl to create a soft, warm, breathtaking glow on the skin, It is absolutely gorgeous and really does look beautiful on all skin tones, it can be used as a highlighter or blush/bronzer topper depending on your skin tone.


becca royal glow

royal glow highlighter becca

becca royal glow swatches

Isn’t it just stunning, I would definitely describe it as warmer version of opal with pinky/gold pearl reflects, it’s very different to opal, champagne pop and prosecco pop so If you have any of those and are wondering how similar they are  I definitely think you need this one in you collection as well.


You can purchase royal glow from here  for £30

I just want to say a massive thank you to the whole Becca team, and John Lewis for having me, it was so much fun and such a successful launch, I really cant wait to see what else is to come. 

Thanks for reading xo


*post contails gifted items but all reivews are my own*


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