INFINI London Luxury Roses That Last A Year

infinity roses that last a year


Luxury Roses that Last over a year….

What girl doesn’t love receiving flowers especially roses and if you’re like me and struggle to keep real ones alive for longer than a week then you need these Infini roses in your life!

I love buying myself fresh flowers, 1, because it cheers me up and 2, because I love having fresh flowers around the house and roses are probably one of my favourite flowers after peonies of course.

These Infini roses are great to have displayed around the house as they come in a gorgeous presentation display box and in all different sizes and colours they have so many to choose from.

infiniti london roses that last a year


What are Infini roses?

If you haven’t heard of infinity roses or seen them all over social media, then they are real roses that can last a year, their roses are cut at their most perfect state and specially treated with a eco-friendly solution which allows them to transform into long-lasting roses that maintain their freshness and structure.

The outcome is that the roses magically continue to look and feel like real roses, because they are real but with the difference being that they will maintain their beauty and colour for at least a year if not longer.
You can choose from over 15 rose colours. and All Infini roses are arranged in luxurious rose boxes.


infini london roses review

I went for the pink roses with white box as I love pink roses, and I obviously wanted them to go with my decor. But I’ve got my eye on the gold ones next as you all know I love a bit of gold! plus John also got me red ones for valentines day and those still look brand new, so I wanted a different colour for my beauty room!



How to care for them

They are really easy to keep alive and you don’t have to do much, as they are treated they look and feel like roses but they don’t need the maintenance like real ones that are kept in water.

Don’t water them and try to keep them away from direct sunlight and excessive cold or hot temperatures. The roses have to stay in their original box. It’s not recommend removing them as this may damage the roses.

These roses are a must if you love having flowers around the house, they’re also perfect for occasions such as weddings, birthdays and valentines day, they really do make the perfect gift!

I don’t know who wouldn’t love these!!

Get yours here prices start from £79 with lots of styles to choose from.

Have you got your eye on the Infini roses?

Thanks for reading xo

*post contains gifted items but all reviews are my own see disclaimer for more details*


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