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You will probably think I’m crazy when I tell you that I have never tried anything from Hourglass before. Oh, have I wanted to. I just never knew where to start, which products were best for me and having somewhere to purchase it and maybe swatch it etc to know my exact shades in some of their products especially the foundations. But I have been testing these goodies out and wow am I blown away already…as the title says, I think I have fallen in love with Hourglass cosmetics!!

I would say over the last year I have been itching to try some of the famous Hourglass products, I have heard such good things about the Ambient Lighting powders and palettes as well as the Veil primer which I have nearly purchased on so many occasions, but I will go into that later!



hourglass cosmetics review



As probably everyone knows by now if you read my blog, how much I love Cult Beauty and that I always recommend it for my beauty and makeup shopping hauls. I love doing their brand of the month posts, as I love trying out new products and brands that I’ve not tried before or stocking up on some of my must have items I can’t live without! Every month they focus on a new brand and this month it is……. Hourglass which has been launched on Cult Beauty not that long ago! Another incredible brand to shop with on Cult Beauty!!


Like every other month, they do free worldwide shipping on their brand of the month when you purchase any of their products and they often have great promotions as well with free sample sized products. The promotion doesn’t usually last all month though, so it is worth checking often! (my boyfriend ordered me the new Veil powder for my birthday and he got a mini size travel hourglass mascara for free!!



hourglass veil primer review









This primer has been on my wish list for some time now, but I always talked myself out of ordering it after reading so many reviews. I was convinced that it was more suited to oily skin, which mine isn’t. It’s not cheap and our return policies aren’t exactly great in the UK. So, I never did end up getting it. Oh boy, do I regret that! 

I have been using this for nearly a week now and I’ve got to say I’m pretty amazed by it. And I 100% regret not going with my gut and trying it out sooner. Online it’s claimed that it is suited for all skin types but according to the reviews, it definitely favours oily and combination skin. Mine is a little combo at the moment but I’m usually very dry.

But I have been using this for near on a week now and I’ve got to say I’m pretty amazed by it. And I 100% regret not going with my gut and trying it out sooner. It claims online it is suited for all skin types but according to reviews definitely  favours oily and combination skin. Mine is a little combo at the moment but I’m usually very dry.

When I first used this, I couldn’t believe how silky smooth my skin felt, so soft and smooth it almost felt like it hydrated my skin at the same time. Although, it is not a hydrating primer. My skin literally felt like silk I was impressed, it gave a nice smooth base for my foundation and makeup. I noticed that throughout the day my makeup looked so nice and I knew it was the primer as I haven’t used anything different.

This primer is a little bit pricey compared to other primers on the market but I now know why so many people love it. I can honestly see myself being hooked on this and will continue to buy it because when you find a primer you love, and it works, you stick to it! The fact that I noticed a difference in my makeup and how it applied and looked throughout the day that in its self tells me it works.

Claims to conceal redness, minimises the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, repels water so makeup looks freshly applied all day long and is oil-free, it is also suitable for sensitive and blemish-prone skin and contains SPF 15

Sounds like the perfect primer, right?! I love all these claims and I can agree on some of these so far. I love that it conceals redness, as I do suffer a lot with that right now.

Comes in 3 sizes on the Cult Beauty website | travel size 8ml – £20 / full size 30ml – £55 / Jumbo size 60ml- £9





hourglass flash highlighter stick champagne flash


I do love a good highlighter! I love liquid and cream highlighters and I find stick ones so easy and handy for travel. It’s perfect to keep in your makeup bag, makes it easier to us. Also, less likely of it breaking unlike powders!

I was excited to try this out as I have heard amazing things about the flash range. This is in the shade Champagne Flash and it is a gorgeous golden champagne shade. You will probably guess that I love champagne shade highlighters, as I can’t pull off the true gold shades, but this is perfect for me. It has a nice soft texture, so it applies and blends perfectly into the skin.


hourglass flash highlighter swatch

I love its lovely foiled metallic finish. It is definitely buildable as well, so it won’t be too intense on the first application. Perfect to sweep on the cheek bones or all over the face and body!




hourglass caution extreme mascara review

I love trying different brands of mascara as I am a bit of a mascara addict. I am quite lucky that I have longish lashes already, but I still like to buy mascaras that add volume and length. So, I put this mascara to the test straightaway.

This is Hourglass’ newest mascara, it claims to be buildable and contains hard and soft waxes that create volume, length and definition with every stroke. Smudge-proof, clump-free and infused with conditioning panthenol.

This is my first impression on this product as I have only been using them for about a week. I really like the applicator brush on this mascara as it’s not too big and is easy to reach every lash. It also definitely adds length and makes them look fuller! It doesn’t flake either which is a plus for me, I absolutely hate mascaras that flake and smudge after a few hours of wear!!

Travel size £12 / Full size £25




hourglass veil translucent powder review

As soon as I saw this powder and saw the reviews pouring in I knew I had to try this. Considering that I’m not really a setting powder and baking kind of girl I was surprised that I wanted this so bad. I got it for my birthday and have been using it over the last couple of days and I am shook and I don’t ever say that word ha ha!! It literally just melts into the skin and is so smooth and gives a gorgeous blurred airbrush effect and looks natural. I usually hate setting powders as I find they make me look cakey, cracked and flat looking. It is not a nice look for people who already have dry skin, but this powder is so finely milled and feels weightless on the skin. It also has light reflecting particles which I think helps make it look a bit more natural and less matte looking.

This with the Veil primer is my new favourite duo!!

Also, how gorgeous is this packaging! The signature Hourglass gold sifter allows for the perfect amount of product to be dispensed which is brilliant as you don’t end up with loads of powder in the lid!

Travel size £14 0.9g Full size £36 10.5g

veil translucent powder



hourglass ambient powder review

Like I said setting and baking powders aren’t usually my thing, but I do love a good finishing powder to dust all over the face. That’s as good as it gets for me and my dry skin and is usually all I need to set. I really love powders that have shimmer and pearl reflecting particles in as it just gives me more of a natural radiant finish.


hourglass powder Diffused Light

I was very excited to try this as everyone praises the ambient lighting powders, so I wanted to see what the fuss was about. This is in the shade Diffused Light which is the perfect fair/light shade for me. If you’re after an illuminating powder that diffuses and softens harsh light and conceals imperfection while giving gorgeous luminosity, then you need this powder in your life.

Trust me, if you thought this powder was just all hype, like me than you’re wrong. It truly is gorgeous, and I am so treating myself to the palette now that I’ve had my eye on it for so long. It has a selection of different shades of powders. Around the holidays, Hourglass always comes out with a palette of the normal Ambient Lighting Powders with the Ambient Lighting bronzers and blush, which everyone always goes mad for!

Travel size 1.3g £20 / Full size 10g £40



I will leave you with this photo of me which I took yesterday after using the products. I’m wearing everything here that’s mentioned! I just loved the way my skin felt and looked. I’ve had so much trouble with my skin lately and for the first time in weeks I felt nice and wasn’t self-conscious about my skin.



I’m definitely going to be adding more Hourglass products to my list, including the Scattered Light Glitter shadows and Vanish foundation stick!! also I highly recommend the Prime and Set Duo which is a perfect way to try out both the primer and powder together!

Let me know if you have any other products I should try and if you will be picking anything up while it’s still free shipping!

Also, a big thank you to the Cult Beauty girlies who always know what I love and pick the perfect products for me to try!


I love doing these brand focus posts and I hope you all enjoy reading them!

 Thanks for reading! xo



Cult Beauty Ltd.


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