Dove have recently re formulated or lets say launched a new range that not only protects you and keeps you feeling and smelling fresh, it also cares for your under arms too. We care for our skin by using skin care with moisturisng benefits so why not care for our underarms?! I actually have really sensitive skin so sometimes I can get a shaving rash under my arms or they become quite dry, so I love the fact Dove deodorants now contain 1/4 moisturising cream. It leaves them feeling soft and smooth but also smelling fresh which is what we all want right?

I have always used dove deodorants, I just love the range they do and how they smell. so I’m a big fan of this new range. They have  8 different options available so depending on what you look for in a antiperspirant and what smells you like, I think you will find one you love in this range. My personal favourite is the go fresh grapefruit and lemongrass roll on and spray. It just smells so sweet and fresh and I love it, I love having a deodorant I can smell throughout the day when I’m moving and lifting my arms etc and with these Dove ones I feel like they really do last.

I like changing up my deodorant frequently between a roll on and a spray. And at the moment I’m loving the roll on. I am very impressed with these new antiperspirants, I just love how silky smooth and fresh it leaves my underarms.

I just want to leave this dove quote here as I think it explains everything you need to know perfectly and why I think Dove stand out from all the other brands when it comes to skin care.

“Because we know you want more from an antiperspirant deodorant than just protection, with Dove you get care, too. The perfect combination”


Like I said there is 8 different ones to choose from, including the original, pomegranate and lemon, cucumber and green tea, and invisible dry to name just a few as well as roll on,  sprays and compressed cans that are perfect to put in your bag for on the go and travel.

Available from most leading retailers including boots and superdrug.

Have you tried this new range? will you be picking up one to try? let me know below.

Thanks for reading xo


*post contains gifted samples* 


I have talked about these SO…? body mists before on my blog and how much I loved them, and how they remind me so much of my teen years ( you know when you used to get the body spray cans??) but I was recently sent a few new ones to try which I was excited about as I have been meaning to pick up the iced melon one for a while now, not only that I also got sent some of the SO..? dry shampoos to try, I can’t live without dry shampoo its definitely one of my must have essentials.

These have definitely made it into my summer Festival must haves, I mentioned before about how handy these are for travel and to put in your bag, I love taking them out with me and just having a spray throughout the day, I love to smell fresh and fruity!!  I am really sensitive with some perfumes, I’ve mentioned this before but luckily these dont give me a headache or anything and aren’t overpowering. Plus sometimes isn’t it just an effort to take a bottle of perfume out everywhere we go, and it also makes our handbags really heavy which I don’t want when I’m going out to a festival  or have a little weekend bag just say.

We all know we can dance and go a little crazy at festivals, there’s no harm in that but it’s also nice to take one of these and just have a spritz throughout the day to keep you smelling nice, and they wont weigh you down either because they’re so travel friendly, there is so many unique scents to choose from so I definitely think your find one you love.

My personal favourites are Iced melon, Pink grapefruit, floriental, and vanilla milkshake. I do love a fruity and floral smell. they’re so refreshing and I always get complements on them whenever I have one on.


These body mists are £3.99 and  are available from superdrug and boots


Another festival must have for me is dry shampoo!! I can’t live without it, I have really fine flat hair that gets greasy at the roots pretty quickly and my hair is bleached so I like to keep my hair refreshed between washes other wise if I wash it too much my colour gets a little brassy so that’s where my trusty dry shampoo comes in. what I love about these So…? ones is that you can get them in mini sizes which again are perfect for travel and on the go, when dancing and sweating it can make our hair greasey pretty quickly so these will definitely be coming in my festival survival kit!!

You can get a handy mini set of 4  from superdrug for only £2.49 here which is an absolute bargain and it contains so lovely (floral and flirty) so fabulous ( fruity and fresh) so glamorous ( sweet and sensual) and  va va volume ( xtra body) definitely recommend this set if you’re a dry shampoo lover as they smell amazing as well!


 Have you tried so…? and will you be picking any of these bits up for you festival survival kit??

Thanks for reading xo


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kylie cosmetics ultra glow

You should all know by now I am a massive Kylie cosmetics fan, although I’ve been really good and resisted a lot of the recent collections, I do love her liquid lip kit sets, bronze eyeshadow palette and her kylighters to name just a few. But when I saw her snapchat recently with this new vacation edition collection I lost my shit Im not going to lie ha! The packaging and products had me drooling, I am a sucker for nude, and gold and this packaging is probably her best yet. well done Kylie!! and plus I am a massive highlighter junkie so obvs I was drawn to the highlighters out of the whole collection surprise surprise, I definitely need highlighter rehab!!


I also really wanted the wet set highlighter palette as well but it sold out while I was checking out, not going to lie I was devastated as I did really want it and it was so much easier to order everything together rather than 2 separate orders and get custom fees!! The dreaded custom fees has what’s put me off ordering any Kylie stuff for a while if I’m honest but I knew I had to have this collection so I gave in and just got these ultra glow loose pigment highlighters, they were $14 each, which is quite reasonable I would say. She has 3 shades to choose from and I obviously had to get all 3 because like I said I have serious issues when it comes to highlighters.

 Santorini – a shimmering silver Champaign, but I think it looks more like a white pearl shade

Fiji – A shimmering soft gold, I would say this is a true gold.

Tahiti – A shimmering Light rose gold, I would say its more pinky rose



kylie ultra glows

The delivery was pretty standard and arrived about 2 weeks after ordering and I got a £15 custom fee which wasn’t to bad considering royal mail charge an £8 handing fee!!

The only thing I was gutted about was the fact I didn’t get the vacation note card thing she sends, it seems like it was really hit and miss on who got them which I think is bad considering I ordered 3 of the vacation edition products and spent $42 not including shipping, I know it’s not a massive deal over a card but I love collecting them.

kylie cosmetics vacation ultra glows

I absolutely love the packaging on these as well, I would say it was pretty standard packaging for loose pigments,I love the Kylie Jenner writing in gold, but I do think it would have made it even more pretty and luxurious if the bottom was maybe see through glass or plastic so you could see the pigments inside. But overall I do like it.

kylie summer collection

I have been playing with these all weekend, and I’m actually in love, I can’t get over how pigmented they are, I use Santorini on the cheeks as a highlighter and used Fiji on the eyes, I feel like these can be really versatile and you can use them pretty much anywhere and the body too, to give you that gorgeous glowy skin!! I was worried when I first swatched them as it did look really glittery but when applied it doesn’t look glittery at all on the face and really melts into the skin, Santorini is probably my favourite out the 3 as its more suitable for my skin tone but I will definitely be using the other ones on the eyes and body or when Im more tanned.

kylie ulta glow swatch kylie vacation edition review

ultra glow swatches


I’m definitely hoping Kylie makes these permanent and brings out more shades as these are so gorgeous and will be very popular. I’m really glad I decided to get them and I’m also really happy I managed to order the wet set palette and velvets the other day when she restocked, so hopefully they will be here next week, keep a look out as I will probably review those as well.


Did you pick anything up from this collection or are you hoping she restocks soon so you can grab something?

Thanks for reading xo

The Too faced Prismatic Highlighters are recently new out in the UK, and I have had my eye on these for a quite a while, as soon as I saw pictures of these at the end of last year I knew I needed them In my life, I mean we all know I am a massive highlighter junkie, I have quite the collection so I like to think I know a fair bit about all the different brands and formulas etc.

These highlighters seem to be getting a lot of mixed reviews at the moment and a few people I know have either sold theirs or absolutely love it, so I know there is a bit of a divide when it comes to these but I was excited to personally try them myself as everyone is different and looks for different things when it comes to makeup, I  like a subtle, buildable highlight that soaks into the skin and doesn’t just sit on top of the skin and show all your texture, as I really dont think that’s a good look on me.

So keep on reading to see my thoughts on these and If I would recommend…

The shade I have is blinded by the light which is the lightest out of the 3 available, personally its more suitable for my skin tone because I’m  more on the pale side, and lately I’m  really loving pearl and pink toned highlighters over the usual bright golds!

Blinded by the light is a creamy off white pearl almost like a really light white Champaign gold, does that make sense?! I hope it does ha ha I think it’s because it has a pearlescent tone to it and reflects all different colours, one minute it looks white and then the next it looks more white gold, but what I love about it is the fact it’s not a full on white colour as sometimes white highlighters can look really intimidating to use, but this shade is really beautiful and I think would look amazing on a lot of skin tones. Even If you’re more medium to dark skin tone then this will look gorgeous as a brow and inner eye highlighter also.


I’ve tried taking these close-ups so you can really see that light reflecting pigments


The texture is described as a liquid to powder finish, and claims to make the skin feel and look more luminous and radiant. It has a new formula that uses pearls in their orignal shape rather than crushing them, which enables the light reflecting pigments to float in the powder and be visible from any angle. Urm yesss!! I love the sound of this, and I would definitely agree with the light reflecting claim, I think this highlighter is super pigmented and really does give off that  pearlescent finish to the skin which I love. The texture is super silky and smooth and doesn’t feel like a powder at all when applied, it is really subtle and buildable but blends and soaks into the skin nicely, it really does look gorgeous. I think that’s why these are getting so many mixed reviews in the makeup community at the moment as I know a lot of people love the intense powder highlighters that you can see from “outer space” as they say, but with these I think it gives off more of that “glow from within” look which I personally love but others maybe aren’t wowed by. But I know I was and I went on my insta stories to show it off as it looked incredible.


You can see here I was wearing it on the tops of my cheek bones and above my brow, I love how natural and radiant it looks on the skin and makes the skin look so glowy but not to over the top which I prefer, but if you are one of these people who love an intense glow I definitely think you can achieve it with these.



Can we just also appreciate the packaging on these, how gorgeous is it?? I am a sucker for pretty packaging, I love the metallic heart shape and the design and texture of the pan is so unusual. It really stands out especially on my vanity, I mean who doesn’t want pretty makeup to admire?! It’s almost to pretty to use.


I definitely give these Prismatic highlighters a big thumbs up and I’m really impressed, I really want to check out the other 2 shades now as I feel like I need the whole set ha ha, I am a massive lover of Too Faced and their collections are always so eye catching. I really need to get my hands on the natural love eyeshadow palette next that came out around the same time as these, it looks so gorgeous. Too Faced never seem to disappoint. If you’re a fellow highlighter addict like me then I definitely think you need these and will love them just as much as I do.

Few final thoughts

– Gorgeous packaging and design

– silky smooth buttery texture

– gives a radiant glow from within look

– subtle but very buidable

– good shade selection for all skin types

– crutely free and Formulated without Parabens

– £25 and available from debenhams here

Will you be picking up any of these highlighters? or do you already own one? let me know your thoughts below.

As always thanks for reading xo

*post contains gifted PR items, please see disclaimer for more details/ reivews are my own*


skinny tan express mousse


When the sun decides to make an appearance I dont know about anyone else but I always reach for the bottle of fake tan, I just love being tanned and bronzed when the weather is nice, I always feel better and more confident with some colour to my skin as I’m naturally so pale.

I was recently sent a package from Skinny Tan which I’ve been dying to try now for some time, I feel like I have tried a lot of fake tan to know what I like and personally look for in a tan.

Skinny Tan have a big selection of products, but I was most excited to try out the new 1 Hour express tanning mousse, I dont have any that claim to be an express tan so I was looking forward to testing it out, I think express tan is perfect for nights out, or a last minute quick fix tan as most of the time you have to leave them on for 8 hours+ to get the desired colour and tan you want and let’s be honest sometimes us girls just dont have the time right?!

skinny tan

When I know I’m fake tanning I also make sure to prep my skin because doing this is essential for a good tan application, I exfoliate and moisturise days before to make sure my skin is prepped and not dry or has any old patchy tan remaining.

Application and my first impressions

  • The tan smells gorgeous Its a tropical coconut scent, it doesn’t have that normal horrible fake tan smell.
  • when first applied it has a typical guide colour , o you can see exactly where you’re applying it, which I love as it makes it so much easier to see what you’re doing.
  • I feel like it really soaks into the skin and doesn’t just lay on top
  • If you want a light to medium tan you can leave it on for 1-3 hours, I personally love a darker tan because I’m so pale so I left mine on over night.
  • It didn’t feel sticky or transfer which was good and I put my clothes on about 10/15 mins after applying.
  • I woke up to a lovely deep golden tan, once showered It looked really natural.
  • Tan lasted about 5 days before it started going  a little patchy.


skinny tan dual mitt

I also got sent the Dual Tanning mitt which is amazing by the way, and isn’t your standard fake tanning mit, it’s so soft and feels like a microfiber cloth it’s that soft, I love the fact the mitt didn’t soak up all the product like a regular mitt does. It applied the tan perfectly and gave such a smooth finish it looked really airbrushed, I’m definitely a big fan of this, and also whats even better is this is washable so you can use it over and over again which makes it more hygienic and cost effective.

skinny tan review

My final thoughts, I definitely like this tan, Its perfect for quick application and when your after a last minute tan! The colour is really natural and makes you look like you have a nice bronzed glow, not at all orange looking! yay for not looking tangoed!! And it lasted a good 5 days before I felt like I had to exfoliate and re apply, the only thing I will say is I didn’t feel like it was as dark as I was used to with other tan I’ve tried, and what my fellow blogger friends had told me about this particlar tan, considering I left it on overnight I was expecting it to be really dark the next day but I noticed a lot of it did wash off, but I will add I do have this problem a lot, I personally think its my skin, as I really struggle with keeping the colour. I feel like it doesn’t soak in properly or something, That is why I like buying extra dark tan so I stand a chance of actually being dark, But dont get me wrong although it wasnt as dark as I was expecting it was sill really nice and looked very natural.

I will definitely be picking up a few more bits from skinny tan to try.

Skinny tan is available from lots of online retailers including feel unique, look fantastic, skinnytanhg and also superdrug

You can Shop the products mentioned in this post  here

Have you tried the 1 hour express mousse or anything else from Skinny tan? whats your thoughts? let me know.

Thanks for reading xo

* Post contains PR gifted items, see disclaimer for more details/ all reviews are my own*