sephora makeup themed cake


So it was my birthday on  Friday I was 26 wahhh, I’m getting so close to 30!! Scary times!! But because I’m going to America next week I didn’t really ask for much or want to celeibrate to be honest. I had my eye on a few little makeup sets I had seen on cult beauty and beauty bay but apart from that I didn’t need much else. As I knew I would be buying lots in America.

Well I did have a nice big surprise, my boyfriend surprised me with this amazing makeup themed cake!! It’s insane and I’ve never seen anything like it. It had so much detail and you could tell a lot of work went into it. He said he told them exactly what he wanted down to the makeup that was on it, like the naked palettes and MAC Makeup., bless him. So cute!! I’m so glad he understands and supports my makeup addiction.

makeup sephora themed cake

It’s crazy how much detail it had, the main cake was the Sephora shopping bag with all the makeup coming out, and then next to it had a MAC bag and ulta bag that was made out of rice krispies and the rest was all made out of fondant. The actual cake inside was chocolate brownie and it tasted absolutely amazing!! It literally melted in the mouth and was so soft! It was yummy!!

makeup sephora themed cake

As you can imagine it went down a treat with my family and I cut bits off to give everyone which was devastating to do but I obviously I didn’t want to waste it.

I’ve got plenty of pictures to look back on luckily.

I got some mini makeup sets that I really wanted including the Huda nude love set, the cover fx illuminating set and a few Sephora favourites sets that I didn’t even ask for  but was so pleased with them as I love the Sephora sets, they’re such good value.


lashstash set

The lash stash mascara set is one of my favourites, and I always pick it up when it comes out. It’s such good value and the perfect way to try out lots of different mascaras. They normally have a bigger one then this but this has 5 different mascaras and also a voucher which you can take into Sephora and exchange for a full size mascara of your choice. Which I thought was fab! Not sure what one I’m going to get yet  as I love tarte, benefit and too faced mascaras.


sephora favourites nude lip set

This give me some nude lip set is perfect and so me, as I love my nudes! Again this is great for trying lots of different brands. And is really good value as it comes with one full size lipstick! I love all the shades in this set and they’re perfect for putting in my makeup bag or handbag for on the go and touch ups etc.


huda beauty mini liquid lipsticks


The Huda beauty mini nude love collection set, I have tried the Huda liquid lipsticks before and I wasn’t a huge fan if I’m completely honest but I did really want these as I loved the shade range! And I thought I would give them a second chance. Again these are perfect for Travel and on the go.


cover fx illuminating set

The cover fx illuminating setting spray is my favourite, it’s so good and really does give you an illuminated and dewy finish but I really wanted to try the illuminating primer and the highlighters so these set was perfect. They also have a matte set as well.  I’ve tried the highlighter and primer out already and I will definitely be picking up the full size!!

I got a few other litle bits and some money to get myself some dollars, so I will treat myself when I’m in america, definitely a trip to Sephora ha ha!!


If you would like to know where my cake was made it was by foxy cakes

They did such an amazing job and no doubt we will be using them again in the future.


I love reading other people’s posts on what they got for birthdays and christmas etc so I hope you enjoyed mine. And I just had to share this cake with you all.

Thanks for reading


daniel wellington petite bondi

So before I go any further I would just like to say that I am no way  a fashion blogger, and I wont be becoming one any time soon either after taking these photos, I really do praise the girls who do fashion posts and pictures, its not as easy or glamorous as it looks ha ha.

But I did really wanted to talk about my gorgeous new Daniel Wellington watch, so here comes my first sort of fashion post, I hope you enjoy….

Who and What is Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch brand, the watches are so classic, preppy and elegant but yet also simple looking, The pieces are absolutely gorgeous and go with any outfit and style. You can’t go wrong with a classic watch that goes with everything can you?!,Daniel Wellington are one of the brands that started the minimalistic trend with elegant timeless pieces and have fast become a popular leading watch brand. And I can see why, these watches are popular all around the world and especially with fellow bloggers.

the Classic petite Bondi watch

I can’t live without my watch, I feel lost if im not wearing mine. what I love about Daniel Wellington watches Is that you can change them up with interchangeable straps, So Whatever your style might be you will find one that suits you.

The watch I Have is called The classic petite Bondi it’s very minimalistic and doesn’t have to many features but this is actually what I love about it, It just looks chic and very stylish, definitely a wardrobe and accessory essential for summer. I love the clean look it has and the fact I can personally change it up with adding the different straps. I’m definitely going to buy one,  I’ve got my eye on the classic petite melrose strap next.

This comes with a classic white leather strap that is so soft and comfortable to wear, and a eggshell white dial with rose gold detailing.


daniel wellington watch


I went with the white and rose gold as I wear so much white and I feel like it goes with everything and looks so nice in the summer, and plus white goes lovely with a tan!  Rose gold and gold is definitely my favourite when it comes to jewellery and what I prefer to wear.

daniel wellington Classic petite Bondi  watch


Classic petite Bondi


Classic petite Bondi

This Classic petite Bondi really does stand out, I think its such a beautiful watch that I’m going to get lots of wear out of. It’s such a classic design that I really think goes with any occasion and outfit.

Daniel Wellington have kindly given me a discount code KASIEBEAUTY15 for 15% off online for my followers which is valid on everything until the 15th July, plus they do free international shipping. I definitely recommend having a browse online and seeing if anything takes your fancy, they do a great selection of gorgeous watches and accessories.

Shop the Classic petite bondi Here for £129

Shop the full collecion Here

whats your ultimate fashion accessory? and let me know if you have anything from Daniel Wellington or will be picking anything up.

Thanks for reading xo

*post in collaboration with Daniel Wellington and contains gifted items (post is not sponsoured or contains affiliate links all reviews are my own)*

Just to warn you this post will be a long one as I have so much to say about this camera so get comfy!!

Also I am no way an expert when it comes to this stuff so I wont be to technical in this review.

I have wanted to do a blog post about my pride and joy the Olympus pen EPL-8 for a while now but I wanted to wait until I had used it and really got the hang of it before I did a proper review, if you read my blog regularly or follow me on social media you would have seen I got this camera for Christmas, I was very lucky and got this along with some other accessories and lenses.

It’s the camera every blogger raves around and is seen all over Instagram, I’ve got to be honest I was in love with my Sony nex 6 although the pen range is beautiful and very stylish, I was always happy with my Sony and didn’t think I needed to upgrade just yet anyway, but it didn’t stop me admiring the pen though whenever I went out shopping in John Lewis and Jessops but I never even thought about buying it myself.

But to my surprise. My boyfriend surprised me with this for Christmas as he saw me looking at it in John Lewis one time, along with the 45mm lens and a personalised nude neck strap and the black Olympus camera bag, I couldn’t believe how pretty everything was,  And so stylish, I was hooked there and then if im honest, the fact the accessories you can buy for this camera is so girly and chic, even the box it came in was amazing and you can definitely see they cater for bloggers with the pretty packaging and design.

I got the white epl8 and I love anything white, it came with the standard kit lens which I believe is now the pancake 14-42mm I actually think this kit lens is really good definitely better than my Sony kit lens, but because I have been used to using prime lenses on my Sony as they give gorgeous bokeh (blurry background) he also got me the 45mm which is very popular with bloggers as it gives gorgeous depth of field while still being really sharp, I do love a bit of back ground blur so I would have definitely bought myself a separate lens anyway, if you feel like your camera just isn’t doing it for you anymore or you aren’t liking the pictures definitely upgrade your lens as I feel like the lens really make a camera not the other way round. I will explain a bit more about my lenses later and what I think about them etc.

The Camera

I was obviously really excited and was playing around with it straight away all over Christmas and taking pictures of all my stuff I got, first thing I noticed was it was definitely more technical than my Sony, it has way more settings and functions that I had to understand which is really overwhelming to start off with especially when you have been used to a different brand for so long, but I did read Julia’s post from Stylonylon which helped me out so Much and I was able to get up the smart control panel which had everything I needed, like ISO, White balance etc. Her post is here if you want a read she has so many posts on her Olympus pen and also does fantastic photography podcasts.

I always shoot in Aperture mode as I love being able to set it myself, I’m still not 100% sure on shutter mode if I’m honest it scares me so I will only shoot in A mode and I have  played around with Manual mode but again because I can’t work out shutter etc I tend to stay off that and stick to aperture, if you’re wondering why I don’t keep it on Auto mode it’s because I love to be able to control the camera myself, like the aperture, ISO and the WB. On my Sony it would only have a couple of options to increase the contrast / brightness where as this Olympus pen has so many settings it lets you customise the WB yourself with using the Kelvin scale, auto WB, cloudy, sunny, fluorescent, and shadow to name a few so it really has lots of options to play around with, I think that’s what made me feel so intimated to start off with. I’m still working out how to mange the Custom white Balance option as I find my pictures can sometimes come out a little bit to cool toned or a little bit more warm toned so I have been leaving it on auto WB lately.

I love that the camera is touch screen, it’s so much easier to use, and with the smart menu everything is just easily accessable, I also love that you can touch the screen to focus on a particular area and also just press on the screen again to take the image. The camera also feels bulky and well made, plus with the design it’s really comfortable and fits in the hand nicely.

The screen flips all the way out which makes it perfect for flaylays and selfies, plus it has a selfie option so when the screen is completely out all you have to do is touch the screen to take the image, its perfect for us beauty bloggers who want to take photos of  makeup swatches or makeup looks.

not only is it an amazing camera that produces high quality sharp photos it also looks the part too, I love the white with the nude and beige detail, it really stands out against all its competitors and I think that’s the reason so many bloggers are attracted to it.

I’m not sure what else I can say other than the fact I really love it, I’m definitely getting the hang of it now although I still have a lot to learn, but im enjoying playing around with it. I mostly just love how detailed and sharp the photos are, and so much better than my Sony, every thing looks crisp and brighter which I love, I hardly have to do any editing now.



like I said before it came with the standard kit lens the 14-42mm pancake lens, which I have to say is actually a pretty good lens, it doesn’t give amazing blur or detail when zoomed in which is one of the reason I love using prime lenses, as you do the zooming yourself with your feet.

I got the 45mm f1.8 lens for christmas as well which is the beloved blogger lens, its perfect for fashion photography and also more close up photos, although I love the depth of field this lens produces it is a little bit too zoomed in for me especially in my small bedroom where I take my blog photos, so I do find im up against the wall trying to get everything in frame, which isn’t ideal. But don’t let that put you off, it’s an amazing lens and is one of the cheaper lens Olympus has to offer.


Next up is the newest lens I have purchased the 17mm f1.8 which was definitely an investment as this one is a lot more pricey than the 45mm for some reason, I’m not sure why as the 45mm is way more popular. But I got this because the 45 just wasn’t practical for me for everyday use, so I was trying decide between the 17mm and the 25mm but after testing them out in jessops I went with the 17mm as its perfect for me, its great for everyday, flaylays and even beauty products I want to take close up photos of, I also wanted this lens to take away with me when we go to america in September that’s was just perfect for landscape shots.

Next I definitely want to get the new 30mm macro lens for more detailed and close up pictures, macro is always a must for us beauty bloggers who like close up detail of makeup and swatches etc.

Olympus Accessories

Olympus offer the best fashion accessories in my opinion, again perfect for us girls and bloggers, I have spent a fortune on all the accessories but I feel like my camera is my baby and because it’s an investment I obviously want to protect it.

I got the leather black like my dress bag for christmas which is gorgeous and doesn’t even look like a camera bag it’s that stylish it has a nude interior, which is lovely and so soft and padded so really protects the camera, it also has dividers in so you can fit your camera and other bits in nicely, it even comes with a gorgeous box and dust bag to protect it.

I loved it so much that I recently bought the just nude leather bag as well, as it was half price on the john lewis website, I just couldn’t say no, plus I did get it mainly as I will be taking both bags away on holiday with me, I don’t carry much when I’m away but I just wanted to be able to protect my camera and I also can easily fit my sunglasses and a little money wallet in here too.  The nude bag is the exact same but it has a grey interior, and I have to say it goes a lot more with my camera. what I love about these bags is you can also use the strap as a camera strap too which is so handy.


I picked up the Olympus leather hand strap, as It makes me feel safer when taking photos out and about if I have the hand strap, these were also half price on john lewis so I got the white and nude colour. And look how pretty the box is they came in! so cute!

My neck strap I got for christmas from Sail london, it’s a gorgeous thick leather strap which was personalised with my name on it, it matches the bag perfect too which is a bonus.


And the last thing I bought recently was this camera leather jacket (yes a jacket really!!) Olympus do think of everything, this white one has actually been discontinued on the Olympus site but I managed to find it on wex photographic. it’s so cute and I love how it protects the camera from getting dirty, again I only really got this for when im out and about and for when I go on holiday.

That’s pretty much it, If you’re thinking of purchasing the Olympus pen I say do it!! I don’t think you will be disappointed at all, its such a gorgeous camera that takes crisp clear images, It does take a little getting used to but then what camera doesn’t, I am no way a camera expert so I havent gone into to much technical detail in my review, but its perfect for me and what I need it for.  So is the Olympus pen worth the hype?! absolutely yes it is!!

Do you have a Pen? what do you think of it, let me know below.

thanks for reading

It was just over a year ago that I created kasiebeauy and my first post was about building my dream vanity, well now a year later and I’m doing an updated post all about my beauty room and a little tour now that it is all completed. Plus im going to share some of my favourite beauty storage with you as I get asked a lot about where I get my storage from. If you follow me on snapchat, Instagram etc than you’re probably sick of me talking about my beauty room ha ha but I’m really proud of the final look, and having my beauty room was always something I dreamed of.

This is my favourite side for obvious reasons, I love how it’s all come together and just by adding my wall print shelf it has really made a difference, as well as my shelving units either side.

  • Hollywood mirror is from illuminated mirrors here
  • Other vanity mirror is from TK maxx
  • Desk is from IKEA its the Malm desk Here
  • Shelves are from IKEA and are called Lack shelf Here
  • wall print shelf is From IKEA called Mosslanda Here
  • Sheepskin Stool I made myself

I am totally obsessed with my prints, I think its made it look so chic!

  • fashion Icon prints are from Chelsea prints Here
  • beauty prints are from Desenio Here

  • Acrylic Brush holders are from TK maxx / glass beads ebay(  but you can use anything)
  • Spotty print dish is from HM home (love using things like this to store my beauty blenders and other odd bits in)

  • Acrylic makeup/cosmetic holders were from BHS but I’m sure you can find similar items in Homesene/ TK maxx etc (I love using these to store all my essential makeup items in so I can easily get to them)

  • In my malm drawer I use the IKEA kitchen cutlery tray called STODJA its only £2.50!! it’s great for sectioning all my makeup.

  • Acrylic box is from Beautify Here ( And its HUGE! perfect for all your makeup)


  • I found this Acrylic organiser in TK maxx I think it’s for an office as it was in the stationary department but I use it for my makeup palettes

  • I have a massive beauty sponge addiction so all my new ones I like to keep separate and I store them in random things like this.
  • Mug was from BHS and the MAC glass pot I made myself by printing out some vinyl and again glass beads were from ebay. Gold K mug was from anthropologie.



  • Byalegory acrylic storage (they have the best storage it’s sold on amazon, I love the palette and compact organisers)
  • compact holder from Here
  • palette holder from Here

  • I love buying cups and mugs and using them as holders for my lipstick and Lip liners. I normally get them from anthropologie.
  • Acrylic lipstick holder with lid is from Beautify Here (stops lipsticks getting dusty)

  • This storage unit is from IKEA called Kallax I always wanted one of these, my plan was to store my bags and shoes in it but my makeup just kind of took over ha!

  • I’ve  had these shelves for years but I couldn’t part with them so I painted them white and sprayed the metal bit gold which made it look more modern and pinterest inspired. I just put all my random bits on these, and bits and bobs I like to display.

  • Everyone has an IKEA Alex unit but these are so good for makeup and beauty storage. I keep all my hair products, tan and skin care bits in here.
  • My little tray I got from Hobby lobby in america and I like to just keep my straighteners and tongs in it.

  • I wish I could tell you where this nail polish holder was from but I got it about 4 years ago and seriously can’t remember but I’m sure you can find something similar on ebay etc

  • This wall I keep all my clothes on and also have IKEA Malm drawers that go underneath so it’s basically my makeup room and walk in closet
  • clothes rail is also from IKEA called MULIG

So that is pretty much it, a lot of my makeup storage I get from Byalegory, tkmaxx, homesense, Beautify and other home stores, I often look at the kitchen, stationary and bathroom departments for unusual things I can use, always think outside the box, I like using pretty dishes, mugs etc to store some of my makeup.

let me know if I’ve missed anything or If you have any questions.

Do you have your own makeup area or room? let me know!

Thanks for reading xo



I’ve recently been re doing bits to my house, so I thought I would do a post on all the recent homeware items I’ve been buying, me and my boyfriend have been in our house 2 years this August, and our plan was to do one room at a time, last year we had the front garden, main bathroom and en suite done and now this year we want to do our bedroom, living room, loft Dormer and our kitchen/dinning room extension. It’s a lot of work and I hate having a messy house, but its all worth it in the end just a tad bit stressful as you can imagine, I absolutely hate all the dust everywhere, I think that’s the worst bit about it!!

It brings me on to my post today which is all about my recent homeware bits I’ve been buying, I really wanted  a change in my bedroom and the first place I went to for inspo is pinterest, we all know how amazing pinterest is! they had so many gorgeous pictures of blush, grey and rose gold bedrooms that I fell in love and knew that was exactly what I wanted.

most of the bits I’m going to talk about that I got are for my bedroom as I’ve completely changed the colour scheme, flooring and wardrobes. So if you love Homeware posts I hope you enjoy this one.

Just to warn you this post Might be a little long I do apologise!

We had decided on this white wooden flooring over a year ago but only now getting around to ordering and laying it, it’s just a white wood with a grey grain, we did spend ages deciding on this and had about 100 floor samples to choose from. I love white flooring it makes everything look clean, bright and modern. A bonus is that I can take lots of my blog and IG pictures on this flooring now Ha ha!

My colour scheme I decided on was blush nude and grey, it’s so very “in” at the moment and literally all the shops are filled with these colours. I wanted something that would be modern, and would go with anything as I had gold and while bedding before, I also wanted something a little more manly looking for John as well, Although I would love to go for girly bed sets I cant anymore, although he does have to lump it sometimes LOL

I ordered this doubled sided blush and grey bedding set from ebay ( I would link it but it’s now sold out 🙁 sorry )

I’ve also been ordering loads of other spare bedding sets I got a blush set from H&M and also a marble bedding set from primark, so I can change it up regularly.

I have fallen in love with the cushion covers in H&M home literally H&M is nude and grey heaven, they have bedding, cushions, rugs the lot, I could have bought the whole shop. I got a bunch of all different covers so I could change them around depending on what bedding set I have on. If you’re looking for affordable cushion covers I highly recommend H&M home I’ve seen loads of nice ones that look identical to these but are so expensive I just couldn’t pay £30/40 for a cover no matter how much I loved it.

I’m sure you have all seen the gorgeous chunky throws and blankets all over IG and pinterest right? well I fell in love with them but again I couldn’t justify the price, although I would have loved a real one I had to be sensible. Don’t get me wrong I can understand why they are so expensive because of the wool and time it takes but I can’t pay £200-400 on a throw that’s just going to be at the end of my bed, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this in Dunelm, I literally live in Dunelm at the moment I’m there every week, they have gorgeous home ware and bedding and its so affordable too which is what we want right!!

This charcoal throw was only £45 and is such a bargain for how big and thick it is, it also comes in cream too and you can buy it here

Another Item I got in Dunelm was these sheepskin rugs, I love fluffy rugs they look so chic, I’ve got one in my beauty room although my dog Elliott loves rolling around on it and has made it go all clumpy, I’m convinced he thinks its his sibling! I picked up this rug in grey and nude and they where £34.99 each available to buy here

I also picked up these rope/knitted storage baskets from Dunelm ( I did say I love Dunelm) I put the smaller one next to Johns side of the bed and it hides all his crap he leaves lying around, I do love a storage basket and loved the fact these went with the style and theme of the room.

£7-8 purchase them from here

I Was looking everywhere for copper photo frames, I wanted something for my prints I had ordered and luckily found these.

copper photo frames £4.99- 6.99 are from Dunelm also and you can find them here

All prints are from Desenio, I was looking for prints that I could display that were affordable as some websites I found were a tad expensive, Desenio had 25% off too!! I wanted to be able to change them regularly as I get bored really quick, that was the idea of the picture ledge shelf too as it saves me putting loads of holes all over the wall. I hate filling in holes!

Shop the full range here

photo frame ledge shelf is from ikea here

Also picked up these beauty prints from Desenio for my beauty room. They had so many to choose from, I might actually have to order some more eeek!

I was searching everywhere for a copper Lamp, again I wanted something affordable, I didn’t want to spend £100 on a lamp lol no matter how nice it was. Luckily I was on pinterest and came across this one from Wilko so ordered it straight away and it was only £20!! I’ve gone for copper, and marble accessories as it goes lovely with grey.

Purchase from wilko here

Next up is some random bits I’ve picked up to display, I got the rose gold brass tray in the H&M home sale it was only £5 and then some little decorative items as well from H&M. Candle is from Primark.

I picked up these thanks to Oliva over at lustliving, seriously if you don’t follow her you must! she gives me all kind of home inspo and jealousy ha ha but no her style is amazing and she’s also so lovely too. she recently posted about these tins on IG and I loved them, it was exactly what I had been looking for, again more storage for my room as well as being pretty to look at I love the gold confetti detail.

These are from dotmaison but are currently sold out.

I got this end of bed chest/storage from EBay and added the rose gold handles, I really like how it’s turned out, I needed a new chest as my other one was broken and old. I just typed in white wood ottoman to find this one.

And lastly I just wanted to mention this DIY stool I will be making, If you have read my beauty room post from last year (Which you can read here) you will know I made my own sheepskin stool then, but I fancied something new and to go with my beauty room once its all been re done next week as im having the flooring done and a massive de clutter but I ordered my self some hairpin legs in gold, and I’ve got a sheepskin rug in nude and white that I’m going to use for the seat, I havent decided what colour I’m going to do yet. Again if you have seen Lustlivings Instagram she recently got one of those gorgeous stools and it’s absolutely stunning, ( I did say she gives me inspo and makes me drool over her interior) So I wanted to make myself one as I love doing things like this and I was so pleased how my other one came out. Pinterest also gives me lots of inspiration for DIY home interior ideas.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a little bit different but Id love to do more homeware posts in the future as I’ve had loads of people ask me about the stuff I have been buying recently.

I’m so excited that we are having our loft room done next, It was already sort of done when we got the house but we want to make it bigger and have a proper loft dormer, it’s actually going to be my office and photo taking area, as all my lights and equipment has taken up so much room in my beauty room. so I cant wait to show you all that when it’s completed in March.

If you have any questions leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading! xo