I absolutely love christmas Eve, as soon as I wake up I am like a child. I can never sleep on christmas eve either, and we never go to bed early so this year I wanted to get some bits to keep us occupied and have some fun.

My tradition is always the same, rushing around doing last minute bits, like cleaning the house all ready for Christmas Day, and then making sure final presents are wrapped and under the tree and I also like to pamper myself so I’m feeling good for christmas day, I apply some fake tan, wash my hair and paint my nails and then its time to relax. I always love binge watching christmas films in the evening and getting all cosy in my christmas PJs!

I found this christmas eve activity pack in Marks and spencer and I had to get it, It’s probably for kids but hey you’re never to old right!?

This set comes with a few fun bits to do and I thought it would be a bit of a laugh for me and john to do this while watching some christmas films. He didn’t seem to keen when I showed him but I bet he will change his mind come christmas eve ha!

The kit contains

Christmas eve checklist

Word search


Dot to dot

tongue twisters

puzzle santa placemat

2 Popcorn treat boxes

sticker clock & envelopes

So the idea with the clock stickers is to seal all the activities up in the envelopes and set a time you want to open and complete the activities on christmas eve. I probably wont be doing that as that’s definitely for kids haha but I love the idea.


Next up is my favourite christmas films I watch every year without fail, I’ve listed a few I like to watch but to be honest I love watching any christmas films.

Muppet christmas carol

Santa Claus 1, 2 and 3


Home alone 1 & 2

The polar express

I can’t forget my favourite christmas songs now can I!! I like to play these while I’m finishing up wrapping presents or just dancing around the house to.

fairytale of new york (the pouges)

last christmas (wham)

all I want for christmas is you (Mariah Carey)

driving home for christmas (Chris Rea)


Then lastly These are my christmas PJs I got last year from Newlook. I love them and had to have them as soon as I saw them, you must have some christmas themed pyjamas ha ha, primark had some really good ones this year, I actually got a home alone t-shirt I’m going to wear this year as well.

I really hope you all have a fantastic and safe Christmas with your friends and family and enjoy every minute of it, and eat far too much food! I’m signing off now till after Christmas as I want to put my laptop down and just relax. I haven’t done as many Christmas posts as I originally wanted to I’m afraid but I’ve had so much going on, I just havent had the time. I really do praise all of you who have done blogmas this year, you’re amazing!! I didn’t want to commit myself and then end up hating it as that takes away all the fun and excitement for christmas.

what do you like doing on Christmas Eve? Have you got any traditions? Let me know below.

I want to say a BIG thank you all for your love and support this year and thanks for reading!!



My Christmas Wishlist



Michael Kors Fujifilm Instax


I love Michael kors, and when I saw that he was teaming up with Fujifilm to design a Instax mini70 this had to go on to my Christmas list. I’ve wanted an Instax for a while now, I just love the fact you can have  instant Polaroids and can create scrap books, or just use if for on the go to capture and print great memories. The fact this is gold and Michael kors is an Extra bonus. Let’s hope Santa is good to me this year haha.

T3 Hair Twirl convertible


I love curling my hair, I use my GHDS a lot and also my Trevor Sorbie tongs that probably do the exact same thing but I’ve always wanted one of these, how pretty is it? So blogger right, I love the white and rose gold detail. All the American bloggers, and youtubers use T3 and rave about it so I want to see what the fuss is about. Although these are pretty expensive you can buy different barrel attachments which is pretty handy if I want to create different hair styles.

Kylie Kyshadow


I have wanted this palette since it first came out but I wanted to let the hype die down and see reviews, a lot of people say her eyeshadows are really good and I love all the shades in this one, I do love a neutral palette.  The Only thing that annoys me with Kylie cosmetics is the custom fees you get every time you order it really does put me off wanting to order anything else.

Kylie Brush set


I was actually really good and nothing grabbed me from her holiday collection, it all kind of seemed the same to her birthday collection if I’m honest. But I did like the look of these limited edition brushes, although this is Kylie and I doubt these will actually be limited edition. I’m Interested to see how they perform and if they are high quality brushes. A lot of people said they look really cheap but it’s hard to say without actually feeling them.

Leopard Z Palette


I love my Z palettes, I use them for lots of things and they are great for customising your own palettes like eyeshadow, blush, highlighter etc. I’ve used up all my other ones so I would love a new one as I want to create my own eyeshadow palette next and get some Makeup geek shadows. I like the fact with Z palettes you can see whats in side because of the clear packaging.

Artis Brush


I have got a few Artis brushes, and I love them but damn I wish they wasn’t so pricey, the cheap alternatives just don’t compare for me, so I always go back to my Artis brush. The only thing I do hate is that the handle feels so flimsy, which I think is bad for the price. But what I do like about this one is that it has no handle so I won’t have to worry about it being flimsy, And the fact this is a palm brush it will be easy to hold and use.

Beauty Bay The new neutrals collection


I don’t own any MUG shadows, I know I must be the only one, but I find it so overwhelming trying to pick some shades, as you can only buy them online in the uk I don’t want to end up getting the wrong shades but least with this set I can try a few before I decide to buy more, plus I would like to test out the formula etc first before I buy loads and I like the fact this is a neutral set, So I know I will definitely use these shades.

That is Pretty much it on my wishlist, I’ve really struggled making a list this year, which almost never happens ha! I think it’s because I buy so much throughout the year. But every year my boyfriend gets me something that isn’t on my list and totally surprises me, I’m really lucky in the fact he totally gets me and understands my makeup and beauty addiction, so who knows what he has got me this year.

what’s on your wishlist this year?!

Thanks for reading xo


Decorating The Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonder time of the year….just typing that has made me start singing!! But It’s my favourite part about christmas, Yes decorating the christmas tree!!  The 1st of december is when mine goes up and I officially start getting all excited for christmas. It really does start to feel all christmassy when that tree goes up!!

Today’s post I just wanted to share with you my tree and the decorations I used this year.

I decided to go for gold, champagne/mink, white and silver bit of a mixture, to go with my living room decor. My snow tree I got a few years ago in Tesco but literally everywhere sell these snow trees now, I think they’re so pretty, but the snow does go everywhere when we put it up, just to warn you!


Whenever I decorate my tree I like to use all different baubles, and decorations, I do buy the big sets but I prefer buying single ones as I feel like it looks really pretty and a bit different. I love a full looking tree so any empty branch I will fill, and I use the small baubles to fill the gaps in between so it doesn’t look too much with having the big decorations all over as it can make it look a bit much, in my opinion. I literally didn’t have a plan on how I was going to decorate it, I just chucked everything on and hoped for the best.

I haven’t used tinsel on my tree for years as I personally feel like it looks nice with just Baubles and lights, although next year I might use the beads.  I’ve seen lots of pretty Trees with the beads and I really like that idea.




Every year I’ve wanted a tree skirt, they are very American and I’ve seen gorgeous fluffy ones but I struggled to get one last year as I left it so late but this year I was adamant I was going to get one. I was stalking the next website as last year they did  have the best selection. I managed to find this white faux fur skirt in my local next store, it was a little bit pricey for what it is but I’m so glad I got it, as It looks so good under the tree, it almost looks like snow I absolutely love it!


xmas-tree18Some of the random decorations and Baubles I picked up.  My favourite store for single decorations is The range, they had such a massive selection and so affordable too, I was in my element! I again got all these extra early this year, I think it was mid november as they sell out so fast. I also got a few from Marks & spencer, B&Q, sainsburys and Tesco. I did see some gorgeous ones in John Lewis but they were a tad bit more expensive and I didn’t really want to pay £5 per bauble. The Range though was really reasonable and were priced around £1-3 each




I’ve had so many people ask me about these presents I have under my tree, I got these last year but I have seen them again this year. They’re from the range, They always have the best christmas selection hands down, I’ve loved it for the past few years now. These presents light up and look so pretty under the tree. I was so happy to find this mink/champagne colour too, as it goes perfect with my decor. Just be warned the glitter drops off these and goes everywhere, but I look past it as they are pretty!

My tree does have lights I promise ha ha  but I only put them on when it gets dark and I forgot to put them on to take the pictures for this post.


My tip is definitely wait a few weeks into december and also after christmas to get some sets in the sale, I did this last year and found some right bargains, the really big baubles currently at the bottom of my tree I found in the sainsburys sale last year for £2 and they were originally about £6 so I was very happy with that bargain. I actually picked up a set today in sainsburys it was a 50 piece set for only £8, orginally £20 that I can use for next year. It has a mixture of beads, baubles, snow flakes and icicles.



Apart from my tree I don’t really put much else up as I prefer a simple look. we do have our light up reindeer’s out the front of the house though that I like to call Rudolph and comet.



Even Elliott has got his permanent spot next to the christmas tree, I’m loving how cosy the living room looks and feels with the Tree up.

What colour scheme is your christmas tree and decorations this year? let me know below.

Thanks for reading xo



Christmas Gift Guide for her

It’s the 1st of the december and while others have been in christmas mode for weeks this is when I officially get all excited and put up my christmas decorations etc! I will be doing lots of christmas posts in december but I can’t commit myself to blogmas I’m afraid as it’s just so much work and I haven’t got the time but I hope you do enjoy my festive posts I have coming up.

Todays post is a few gift ideas for all the girls, even the fussiest! This is just some ideas from my personal collection of products, but I will be doing lots more gift guides for everyone so keep an eye out.

All images will have clickable links to shop the item!


Beauty Box Storage from Beautify

christmas is the perfect time to splurge on some makeup storage, every girl has makeup right?! And these beauty box are great for storing lots of makeup and plus it looks so stylish too. These beauty boxes can be really expensive I’ve seen some for around £100-250 which I would never pay. But this box starts at only £39.99 which is an absolute bargain and this is only the small size, as you can see it fits so much makeup in, perfect for us makeup junkies. It has 5 deep drawers and then the top compartment with a lid, it also comes with a divider to help organiser lipsticks or other little bits.  I know every girl would love one of these under the christmas tree! I’ve just ordered my sister one of these actually for Christmas and I know she will love it.






Lipstick holder From Beautify

Another item from Beautify and it’s this Acrylic lipstick holder with lid! I love having my lipsticks on display and this fits lots in, every girl has a lipstick collection so this is a must, At only £11.99 this is a great affordable gift. And the fact it comes with a lid is even better it saves them getting dusty and dirty. I get asked so many times about all my beauty and makeup storage and I love getting new storage for christmas as im bound to get new makeup to put in it. Beautify have some other really affordable products so check out the full range online.



Hollywood Vanity Mirror

This is the most expensive item in my gift guide but I got this for christmas last year and it was the best present ever so I had to mention it, what girl wouldn’t want one of these?! perfect for any makeup or beauty lover, this hollywood light up vanity mirror is so glamorous and a must for any vanity desk! illuminated mirrors UK have the best selection of mirrors I’ve come across, most of the ones I see are from america but this company is from the UK and they are so helpful, and stock lots of gorgeous mirros. You can get table top LED, wall mounted, and even bluetooth mirrors to play music from. These start at £179.99





You can’t go wrong with makeup, I’m sure every girl puts makeup on their christmas list, and I just wanted to mention about tk maxx, I found some of these too faced products in tk maxx recently for more than half the price so make sure to have a rummage in your local tk maxx as you could find some real bargains! The beauty department in Tk maxx is amazing at the moment and they have so many good products That will be great for stocking fillers as well. I got this shadow insurance for £4.99 when it retails for £17. Also the eyeliners were £5.99 and retail for £19. They also had makeup forever, nars, real techniques to name a few.





Trevor Sorbie Keratin and Argan Hair Tong

Now on to hair care, I have tried a lot of hair curling tongs and this is by far my favourite, I have medium length thick hair and this can create gorgeous textured waves and curls with it’s 32mm barrel. The barrel is infused with keratin and argan oil which leaves hair silky smooth. These are really easy to use and hold, I’m no pro when it comes to curling hair but even I was impressed with the results when I used these for the first time.  I also can’t live without my trusty tangle teezer this is the best brush ever and the only one I ever use now. Plus they have So many fab styles to choose from obviously I had to go with gold!




OUAI Hair care

OUAI hair care is more on the pricey side as it’s a luxury hair care brand from Jen Atkin, So it’s the perfect time to treat someone to these products. The texturizing hair spray, dry shampoo and hair oil are my favourites of the bunch and they smell and leave hair feeling amazing!!




Perfume and Fragrance

Christmas isn’t christmas without some perfume under the christmas tree is it?! Black opium is one of my favourites at the moment and it seems really popular too, perfect for day and night you really can’t go wrong with this.



Dermalogica Skin and hair care

Dermalogica is a skin care brand which offer amazing products for every skin type, They have been around for years and help you get healthy beautiful skin, I’ve tried a few bits from dermalogica and I am so impressed and have seen such a difference in my skin texture and appearance. It is a little bit pricey so if you can’t afford to treat yourself throughout the year then Christmas is the perfect time to ask for this. you can only buy Dermalogica from authorized skin specialists, salons/spas or official Dermalogica stores.

Products I would recommend

– Phyto replinish oil

– Body buffing chritstmas set

– Daily cleansing shampoo & conditioner

– Age rewind eye complex




DHC Beauty

DHC is a japanese beauty brand that sells skin care, body care and makeup. A beauty gift set is a must for christmas. This beauty BENTO set has everything you need for gorgeous skin, it comes with 4 popular DHC products including deep cleansing oil, moisture strips for the eyes, mild soap and blotting paper. I’ve tried a DHC eye mask before and loved it, it left my eyes feeling so smooth and hydrated! This is definitely a set for anyone who loves trying out new brands and skin care products. And is great for sampling a few of the great products from this brand.




Michael Kors Jewellery

I can’t do a gift guide without mentioning Jewellery now can I? if the someone your buying for literally has everything jewellery is always a winner, who doesn’t love some new earrings. I personally love Michael kors and Marc Jacobs jewellery as it goes with my watches. I always get lots of comments on this bracelet, and it goes with anything I pair it with. We all want jewellery we can wear and not just look at.



GIft vouchers

Again if you really are struggling with ideas, Gift cards are always handy to have, it’s an excuse to do some shopping in the christmas sales, it might be boring to give someone just a gift card for christmas but it’s definetly useful! New look, Amazon, river island are some of my favourites to receive at Christmas.



I hope this gift guide has been helpful, I will have plenty more coming up for the whole family! I often get told I’m the hardest and fussiest person to buy for and I love all the gifts I’ve mentioned in this post so hopefully I’ve helped you if have to buy for someone who’s difficult hehe.

Thanks for reading xo


*post contains PR shamples Thanks to freedorm PR and Beautify*

My Top 10 Blogging & Photography Equipment!

Hi loves,

Today’s post is a little bit different but I actually want to start doing more posts like this, I love reading blog tips post and I get lots of questions sometimes regarding all different things about blogging and the stuff I use and buy, and because I’ve recently purchased some bits I wanted to do a little post, if it can help anyone else out then that makes me happy.

Trust me when I say I’m not an expert, although I’ve only been blogging properly for nearly a year ive definitely learnt a lot along the way.

Basically this post is about some Equipment I myself have found really useful and would recommend, some of it is pretty obvious stuff but I’m not saying it’s a must and you have to have all the latest gadgets to be a successful blogger but if you have been blogging for over a year and want to take your blog to the next level like I did I hope some of these products I mention will be helpful to you.


  1. laptop

I can’t live without my laptop, I do all my photography editing on my laptop and I’ve just recently bought a new one as I broke my old one, my New HP pavilion 360 laptop is a bit fancy and I’m in love with it I’ve never owned anything like this. It’s black and gold which is so me! And it’s also a touch screen and can be used as a tablet as you can fold it. This is perfect for me as it’s light and compact. I can’t be doing with heavy bulky laptops especially when we are on the go. I know a lot of bloggers have Macs but I just couldn’t get on with it when I used my boyfriends one that’s why I got this HP one instead.


2. Ipad

I also use my Ipad all the time, sometimes I edit all my images on the laptop and then write my post up on the Ipad, I think now I have got my new laptop though I will be using that a lot more, but an IPad is great for on the go but sometimes you do need a laptop so this isn’t a must but it’s very helpful every now and then, I check a lot of other blogs out on my IPad and do lots of online shopping on it hehe.


3. Phone

Another item I would be lost without, I can’t go 5 minutes without checking Instagram, twitter, snapchat etc, I wish I wasn’t so dependant on my phone but social media gains a lot of traffic to my blog so it’s something I have to keep up to date on.



4. Camera / lens

Again a camera isn’t a must I know so many people who take incredible pictures on their iPhone or phone, but I  know I’ve learnt along the way to get all these beautiful blogger pictures with the blurred background you need a decent camera. I was lucky in the fact I already had this camera before I started blogging, the only thing I have bought recently is some new lenses for it,  Id like to add it’s not just all about the newest and popular cameras, it’s also the lens as well, these are what create a sharp photo with that depth of field. So if you already have a camera sometimes buying a new  lens can make such a difference. I think the biggest investment in blogging is your photography equipment. I’m no way a pro when it comes to all this stuff, I’m definitely still learning and I feel like I have a long way to go till I’m happy with my photos but since I have been using my new lens I’ve noticed a difference in my photos.

A little tip I would give is always learn how to use your camera manually and don’t rely on the auto settings, I have enjoyed playing around with mine and setting the ISO, Aperture and shutter speed all by my self.

The new lenses I purchased are actually prime lenses so I have to do all the zooming with my feet so I’m not relying on the camera to do all the work, like I said if you wonder how all the bloggers get the really blurred background (bokeah effect) it’s down to the lens and the aperture setting, setting the aperture to the highest setting say 1.8 / 1.4 will give you that result. The most popular lens I’ve noticed that bloggers use is 30mm, 35mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 75mm, and 85mm that’s including fashion bloggers who take a lot of portraits and landscape photos, and food/beauty bloggers who want close up product shots.

I have the sony nex 6 camera with the kit 16-50mm zoom lens. I’ve just treated myself to the 35mm f/1.8 & the 50mm f/1.8 Sony lens.



5. Macro filters

This is just also something I’ve got recently and no way will you need it but again I just thought it was worth mentioning.

I have been really struggling with makeup swatches lately so I got on the internet and was trying to search for some tips, a lot of people said about using macro settings or a marco lens for getting up close and personal and getting all the detail. I do have a macro setting on my camera but it’s not the best, As I can’t change the macro settings manually I did look into macro lenses and they are so expensive and at the moment I can’t  justify it especially after buying my other lenses so I looked into macro filters, think of it as a magnify glass that screws on the end of your lens. It basically zooms right up close without losing the image quality and sharpness. I thought this was such a good idea and a cheaper alternative.

*make sure you buy the correct size for your own camera*

49mm available to buy from amazon here


6. tripod  


I actually wish I got these sooner, a tripod is a must it helps to get steady shots and is also so handy if you suffer with back ache or other aches and pains, It saves me crawling and moving around trying to get the perfect picture. This is perfect for flatlays too although im still learning to master the flatlays. The remote is wireless so it does it all for you, you can set your camera up on the tripod, and use the remote to take the pictures, this is perfect if you don’t have anyone around to take photos for you like makeup shots, fashion and outfit posts. These were really cheap and I found them on amazon I will leave the link below. Just make sure to get the right remote that’s compatible for your own camera.

tripod available from amazon here

remote available from amazon here

blog-tips3 blog-tips4

8. Soft box light

one of my recent purchases is the soft box light, if you follow me on snapchat you would have seen me going on about this, I’m obsessed with it, and I know a lot of girls have messaged me about this. it’s a must for winter time, I was struggling taking photos as the light was so bad, it’s started getting dark at like 2/3pm so I had to invest in some sort of lighting and I’m so impressed it’s the best £23.99 I’ve spent! it comes with a daylight bulb so it’s really natural and bright, the stand can be adjusted and easily folds away in the carry case. It is a bit bulky I’m not going to lie and I do need to find a permanent home for mine but im using it so much lately I’ve left mine up, this would also be great for videos if you do youtube as it’s a natural daylight bulb. I’ve taken a few makeup pictures in front of this and im really impressed with how they come out.

Available from amazon here




9. light reflector / diffuser kit

I actually haven’t even used these yet but I thought I would mention it, this might be great for fashion bloggers. It’s a light reflector kit. These are pretty big but the smallest size I could find but the good thing is they fold down really easy and come with a carry pouch. perfect for any serious photographer who wants to take their photos to the next level. I will no doubt use these more in summer. I really want to get into more portraits and stuff so I thought these were handy to have.

The gold reflector: helpful for creating warm outdoor sunset scenes, or angelic halo effects, or achieve warm glowing skin tones
The silver reflector: for contrast and increase highlights
The white reflector: develops a soft, clean light and it also helps to decompress the flash, produce neutral color temperature
The black reflector: block out unwanted light
The translucent reflector: acts as a diffuser between the light source and the subject, which softens the harsh appearance

Available to buy from amazon here



10. Blogging props


we can’t all be fortunate and have white, copper and marble homes right? although my home is pretty white as I think it makes it look fresh and modern I like buying things to make my photos look a little bit different to every other blogger, although this is very difficult now days. I am so blogger when it comes to marble, rose gold and white. you have probably already noticed on my blog, social pages and in my home I’m a little bit obsessed with gold, so I like to stick to that theme and add as much gold in as I can to my photography. I know a lot of people might not like white backgrounds but I just find them so eye-catching and it make me actually want to click on a blog if I like their photos. this brings me on to my last topic which is blog props, I love going around and finding lots of different bits and bobs to use. I would definitely recommend, tk maxx, hobby shops and  DIY stores. I’m always picking up wallpaper, floor and tile samples, as well as flowers, bits of coloured card and things. You can get really creative and make your pictures stand out from others. This is something I actually really enjoy, I love finding bits to use in my photos.



I hope this post has been helpful, If you have any questions leave me a comment. If you have any tips please share them I love coming across new ideas and other people’s opinions.

Thanks for reading xo