If you’re a regular shopper with ASOS then you will know that the beauty section is amazing and they stock some fab brands, including a few I will mention in this post, I think It’s great that ASOS now offer a beauty section, and they stock brands that are very popular and you would normally only find on the high street, sometimes its just easier to order online. Some of the brands they stock include, NARS, Pixi, The Ordinary, Benefit, Lime crime, Star skin, Alpha H to name just a few.

I thought this was the perfect time to talk about some of the recent spring time Launches with some of them being ASOS exclusives.

3inA Wedding face Palette

Unless you want a very pastel themed makeup look for your wedding I wouldn’t say this is Just a bridal palette, Its got stunning shades that are so In for spring. I dont think pastel is going anywhere for spring/summer. This face palette has stunning highlighter shades for every one. It illuminates the face and adds a subtle natural glow. The powders are so silky soft, I think Im going to really love this. I Love the fact its unusual, Highlighters dont always have to be gold and champagne shades right?! Dont let the pastel shades put you off as this really does suit and complement lots of skin tones and can be subtle and buildable.

Exclusive NARS orgasm set

The famous NARS orgasm blush, In this amazing set that comes with the powder blush, liquid illuminator, and multiple orgasm lipstick which I think can be used as so many things, even a cream blush!!

Can you believe I’ve never tried this blush, I have always wanted to but never gotten round to picking it up, It is a NARS cult classic and I can see why, It complements so many skin tones and the formula is amazing, so intense but blend able, this powder will last you forever. Its a warm pinky peach toned shade with gold shimmer.

This set is only £55 and is such a bargain for all 3 of these products plus they are full size products not sample sizes!!, If you’re a NARS lover you definitely need this set.


The Ordinary High spreadability primer

I have been wanting to try this brand for so long!! I’ve heard such good things about the Ordinary products and they’re so affordable to, so Im excited to try this primer out more.  I do love a good face and makeup primer and Im always on the hunt to try new ones. This high spreadability fluid primer seems to be versatile for a lot of skin types as well and helps to avoid the unnatural and uneven accumulation of pigments, especially around the eyes and on dry skin. I suffer with the odd dry patch so Im looking forward to trying this out more, but so far I am really impressed, I feel like it really smooths and blurs the skin so when I apply my makeup it looks flawless and has a lovely finish, but stay tuned as you might see it mentioned more on social media or my monthly favourites.

You can Shop whats new In the beauty section  here

Have you picked anything up from ASOS beauty recently? or will be trying some of these popular spring favourites?

Thanks for reading beauties xo

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It’s almost Friday!! And I don’t know about you but I could really do with a pamper evening, and to just relax, which is perfect timing for the Ideal world girls Night in Twitter live chat, where we will be talking all things beauty, and must have girly pamper night essentials.

The chat will be taking place on Ideal world Twitter at 7.30pm anyone can come join, I will be taking part and would love to see some of you take part as well but just  remember to use the #Idealgirlsnightin

When I think of pamper or girly night in I think of nails, manicure and pedicures, skin care, face masks, tan to name just a few.

Ideal world kindly sent me some goodies to get me all ready and in the mood for the girls night in event.

So here is a couple of things I will be using tomorrow night while I take part in the chat,  Ideal world actually stock these items to so if you want to grab them yourself they will be having a three hour event on Friday which starts at 8mp  they’re hosting it on their  tv shopping Chanel which can be found on sky 654, free view 22, virgin 747 or you can live stream at ideal world


Geltouch starter kit £34.99

I am so excited to try this Gel touch nail kit, I love doing my own nails and I’ve had gel kits in the past but with a lot of them it can work out quite expensive because you have to buy all the nail varnishes for that particular brand to use with the gel machine. But what I love about this is that you can use any nail varnish it doesn’t even have to be a gel it could be your favourite cheap nail varnish and you can use the Gel top coat that’s provided with this starter set to get salon quality nails. I love how gel nails last longer and look really shiny, so I will definitely be trying this out tomorrow night, keep an eye out on my instagram stories as I might show you the finished results.

Geltouch duo of nail varnish £17.99

So although I was saying you dont have to use an actual gel nail varnish for the gel touch lamp, you can buy these gel touch duos and use them along with the top coat, so if you’re really after that professional salon look and quality and prefer gel nails you will love these, they come in a selection of colours, but the ones I have are perfect bright summer shades, a lovely pink and red.


Linda Lusardi my miracle caviar and pearl eye serum £19.99


I love trying new skin care, and especially for a pamper night, face creams, serum and masks are definitely my essentials for a girls night in. This Linda Lusardi my miracle caviar and pearl eye serum sounds amazing, obviously I havent used it yet but I will tell you a bit more about it, its anti ageing, leaves skin looking and feeling more radiant, helps fight dark circles, soothes the eye area and makes it feel more silky smooth.

I have got a thing about eye treatments and mask etc lately, Im really in to looking after my under eyes while I still have the chance.

Liquilift slenderwrap

I have tried this slender wrap before when I got sent the ideal world bloggers beauty box, And it was pretty impressive, I feel like you have to be quite healthy and active to actually benefit from it though, don’t do what I did and use it and expect to be half a stone lighter the next day haha!! The way I feel about my body at the moment I need to be wrapped like a mummy in this stuff.  But I love the fact it improves the appearance of uneven fatty deposits, My boyfriend will kill me for this but when he saw me opening my goodies earlier he picked this up and said he was going to steal it from me and give it a go over night ha ha bless him, I will have to fight him for it I think!!

I got some other goodies in this package to that I can’t wait to try out and also eat, yep I have edible snacks too!! I have had a stressful week so I’m really looking forward to relaxing tomorrow and having some fun with my girls on twitter, I haven’t been in a twitter chat for a while and it’s just what I need, you can meet and get talking to lots of fab people and fellow bloggers in these chats it can be a right laugh so I hope to see some of you involved and come join in the fun.

Also do let me know what you love doing for a pamper and girls night in??

Thanks for reading xo

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jouer skinny dip collection

When I saw this new skinny dip collection all over my instagram feed last week I knew I had to get it, I mean I am a massive lover of Jouer, and I loved the skinny dip lip topper so I had to have this collection in my life! I am obsessed with glitter and metallic shadows so I knew I really wanted the skinny dip foil palette, I also think the lip toppers are absolutely gorgeous so I really wanted the new lip topper in St Tropez. The actual skinny dip highlighter I was unsure on as it did look a little dark but I still got it anyway, as I do love the Jouer highlighters.

I’ve done so many posts on Jouer now so I think you know I’m a huge lover of the brand and the products.

But Read on to see my thoughts on this collection and some more pictures and swatches and decide for yourself if you need this collection.

*post contains affiliate links see disclaimer for more details (post not sponsored) *

Skinny Dip Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadow Palette

Jouer Skinny dip foil shadow palette

Jouer foil shadow palette swatches

This palette is absolutely stunning, its super pigmented and intense, I only swiped my finger to get these swatches. I am a huge lover of glitter and foiled shadows, and I love how this palette has a shade for everyone. I personally love the first 3 and those are the ones I will wear more. These will be best applied using a flat brush or using your finger as I find that with all my other foiled shadows. These are super intense dry but I bet these will be ever more amazing applied wet with some MAC fix plus or something.

Skinny Dip Highlighter

 Jouer Skinny dip highlighter

I got this as I absolutely love the skinny dip lip topper shade, but to be honest this is a bit darker than I thought it was going to be, I was expecting it to be a peachy, champagne shade and its just a bit to gold for me, its still gorgeous though and I Will definitely still wear it when Im more tanned. I do love the  Jouer highlighters, the powder is like silk, and they’re super pigmented. Just be careful as they are very fragile, I learnt the hard way. I dropped this the day after I got it and it smashed to pieces. I was very upset as you can imagine, I managed to press it all back together but it is a bit of a mess to use now and doesn’t look as pretty.

(wahhh Insert cry face)

St. Tropez Lip Topper

Jouer lip topper st tropez

I think the new lip topper and the eyeshadow palette was what I wanted the most out of this collection, I love the Jouer lip toppers, I have skinny dip, rose gold and now my new love St Tropez, which is such a gorgeous shade, its like a baby pink with pink and silver sparkles. It looks gorgeous on its own or how I’ve been wearing it, which is over nude shades and it looks so nice. These lip toppers are definitely my summer essentials. I love how they change up a lip and look really pretty.

Jouer cosmetics swatches

You can see from the swatch the highlighter is very gold on my skin tone, its still beautiful though so if you love gold highlighters you will love this one, also the lip topper looks so intense here but it’s really subtle on the lips, I love the fact this is a really light pink as it goes more with nudes, I do love wearing a nude, so I personally think this will be used all summer!!

Jouer cult beauty skinny dip collection

How gorgeous is this packaging!! Im slightly in love with Jouer and all these collections they keep bringing out, Although I’m Poor, I’m glad I picked up the main bits I wanted from this skinny dip collection!!  It was really hard to photograph these bits as well as the packaging is so metallic and reflective.

Did you get anything from this collection?? Cult Beauty still have them in stock so be quick if you did want anything.

Thanks for reading xo

elf baked highlighter review

I’m sure everyone has heard of ELF, no not the film the famous American drugstore brand, that’s cheap and affordable and actually has some really good products.

I did pick up a few things in america a few years and some of it I didn’t like but for the price you can’t really complain.

I feel Like superdrug and boots are really stepping up their game with stocking the US brands, finally its about time right?!, America seem to get so much good makeup its unfair. But Elf has recently launched on the superdrug website, I have no idea if it’s coming to stores but for now I can settle for it just being online, I decided to pick up a couple of bits I had my eye on.

elf cosmetics launches at superdrug

The ELf Aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadows In brushed copper and Rose gold

Elf baked highlighter in Moonlight pearls & Blush Gems


elf cosmetics review


Elf Products are really affordable and range from £3 up to £10 So is worth picking up a few bits to try, I really wanted to try the baked highlighters and because I am loving shimmer liquid shadows at the moment I had to pick up the molten liquid eyeshadows.

The Baked Highlighters are £5 each and so are the molten shadows, So I spent £20 all together which isn’t bad. I wish the highlighter were a little bigger though as they’re on the eyeshadow type size.

Now if you have one of these baked highlighters or watched videos on them you will Know that when you first open and swatch them they feel really dry and not pigmented at all, if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my insta stories, well I was a little baffled to say the least when I first opened mine, I thought wow what is all the hype over these, it’s not even pigmented, but I had lots of lovely girls message me and say that this is normal with the baked highlighters and that you actually have to scrape the top layer off to get the true pigment of these highlighters. I was relieved to be honest as I thought I got a faulty one but then It got me thinking, I was actually pretty annoyed, I mean yes they’re only £5 but the fact I have to scrape and waste a lot of product irritated me a little. But I am going to try it anyway as other wise its pretty useless if  I can’t pick up any product.

elf moonlight pearls

This is the shade moonlight pearl that’s my favourite, blush gems is a little dark for me to be honest, but this one is gorgeous, it’s a warm champagne shade that I think will complement a lot of skin tones, Blush gems is like a warm bronze rose gold type of shade, maybe I can get away with it when Im more tanned.

elf baked highlighter swatch

I apologise for the swatch, I did really struggle to get these to swatch, I definitely think these dont swatch well but they do apply betterto the skin (now I’ve scraped off the top layer that is). I feel like it really soaks into the skin and doesn’t just lay on top which I love. I can definitely see this being a favourite of mine for summer.

elf aqua molton shadows swatch

But these molten shadows on the other hand swatch amazingly, they look super pigmented and metallic. I went with my typical shades, gold and rose gold, as that’s just what I love to wear. These dry very quick and I dont think they look as intense on the eyes as they do when swatched here, I have to add a few layers to get it as intense as I would like, but for the price that doesn’t bother me, saying that you remember the primark liquid shimmer shdows  I reviewed a while back? those are very nice on the eyes and for only £2 as well!! But I’m still glad I got these elf ones as I do like them and will wear them but I think I was just expecting a little more you know?!.

You  can Shop the full range here

Will you be picking anything up from elf? or tried any products already let me know!



Although it doesn’t feel like it, summer is actually nearly here, well lets hope we get one, can never tell with the british weather can you? But I know when the weather starts to change I like to change up my makeup products to.

So I thought I would do a post all about the products I’m currently loving and products I think I will use a lot over the next few months.

If you know me at all you will know I love to glow, looking dewy and radiant is a must for me, as I do have dry skin I just prefer a more dewy look. So what better time to look greasy looking than the summer months ha! No but seriously I Think dewy skin done right look gorgeous in the summer.

I am also a massive highlighter junkie, I think highlighters, face sprays and lipsticks is definitely  what I’m into the most right now, and I dont see that changing any time soon.

Face Sprays

face sprays

  • Tarte ready set radiant
  • MAC coconut fix plus
  • Cover fx illuminating spray
  • Tarte rainforest of the sea Marine boosting mist

The Main one I’m loving out of these is the Cover Fx illuminating spray, its seriously amazing and I can’t get enough, it definitely makes my makeup and face look more glowy as it has tiny shimmer particles in, but dont worry you don’t end up with random sparkly dots on your face, the nozzle on this is amazing, it sprays like a fine mist so the shimmer is really subtle.


summer highlighters

  • Lottie london shimmer squad
  • Estee Lauder heat wave
  • Tarte skin twinkle volume 2
  • Jouer rose gold
  • Tarte pro glow liquid highlighter exposed

I am a massive highlighter junkie, I think since writing this post I have bought loads more, opps. But I can’t even pick a favourite out of this bunch, to be honest with you, I have been loving the Lottie london palette a lot, the top left shade is my absolute favourite, I also love the tarte highlighters, I think I will just be putting these all over my face throughout the summer months ha!


nude lipsticks

  • Jeffree star daddy
  • Jouer rose gold lip topper
  • Jouer skinny dip lip topper
  • KVD ludwig
  • Kylie maliboo
  • Nip+fab biscuit
  • Milani adorable

I do love a nude lipstick, I know summer is all about bright bold lips but sometimes I just like a natural lipstick that I know will go with everything. I am loving the more pinky nudes recently but the brown nudes will always be my all time favourites. The Jouer lip toppers are definitely going to be my summer essential, These look gorgeous over the top of liquid lipstick and dont feel sticky at all, I just feel like it adds a really nice spring vibe with the sparkles.


  • kiko Bronzer from the summer 2.0 collection
  • Benefit Hoola
  • Still magnificent metals
  • body shop drops of sun
  • madame la la west coast bronzing serum
  • Tarte in bloom palette
  • Becca backlight priming filter
  • Buxom divine goddess luminzer
  • Bliss quench n drench moisturiser
  • L’Oreal Pro glow foundation
  • Tarte Shape Tape concealer
  • SO…? Body mists

I know I’m definitely going to have more products added to this list by the end of June ha ha I have already ordered the new Jouer Skinny dip collection from Cult beauty and I have my eye on a few more bits!! What can I say? I am a little bit obsessed with makeup!

What are your spring & Summer essentials??

Thanks for reading! x